The corporate companies around the world have realized the need for an efficient time keeping and attendance system for keeping a track of the staff?s punctuality and regularity. There are several organizations that have spurge-up in recently years around the globe, which have been providing such efficient Time Keeping and Attendance Systems to various corporate companies and other institutions.

These companies provide a range of products which can be availed by the business houses for setting-up a Time keeping and Attendance System in their offices. They can provide time recorders, clocking machines and time and attendance systems. Their catalogue can include consumables like all types of clock cards, clock card racks, Time and attendance clocks, clock cards, and time clock cards, Time tracking systems, time cards, time clocks and biometric time clock.  These consumables have different functions and one can pick and choose among them. This implies that the Time recording and Attendance System can be tailor made according to the organizational needs. The different functions of the consumables are under given:-

Clock cards: – The clock cards provide the basic and significant employee information for reference. It keeps a track of the employee?s time of entering the organization till they leave. It makes the work of payroll management much easier and efficient.

Time cards: – It is basically a time recording system. The time cards assist the organization in keeping a track of the attendance of the employees and their punctuality. If in case they are not present or late for the office that will be noted by the time card.

If in case a regular and punctual employee, by chance forgets to show in, then that too can be assessed by referring the previous data.

Biometric Time clock:- This is also a time recording system. It assist the company in dealing with any kind of frauds like another employees punching on behalf of another, which is called budding punching. It?s a great time recorder, which helps of save a lot of time and thus saves a lot of money.

Time and Attendance Clock:-  This is also a type of time and attendance recording system, wherein the time clocks are connected to the PCs. This has a time recording system, which can be tracked by keeping track of the number of times the system is swiped by the employees. There is no need of any manual work with this Time and Attendance recording system. This is one of the easiest and efficient methods of Time Keeping and Attendance system.

Time Clocks: – This is also a type of time recording system which can be used by large establishments and small firms too. One may find various kind of time clocks, such as Biometric time clock, which reduces the case of budding punching and saves a lot of valuable money for the organization.

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