Management of universities and colleges has always been one important reason of concern for individuals associated with it. Different complications associated with daily management of large colleges and universities are monumental. But you have a reason to thank Advanta Rapid ERP ? perfect software that meets your needs precisely. Advanta Innovations has introduced Advanta Rapid ERP, appropriate software which is acknowledged for its different tasks which are automated.

Advanta Rapid ERP is a solution that helps in managing your college and university. Designed by experts using advanced technologies, this software allows you to share information on wide base. Acting as an enhanced tool, this software assists the administration and staff in daily activities. Features of college management software:

Staff and student applications can be enteredFee details can be obtainedUser-friendly and powerfulEnhances productivity and efficiencyLess time and energy consumingHelps in portraying a positive image about your collegeInformation on your finger tipsIt has powerful 28 modulesCovers every department and function of your schoolEasy and quick to useEconomically priced software

If you feel that this is the end of list of features of college software then you are wrong.

For the features and merits of this software are simply endless.

We know that there are number of college software in the market offered by different software companies that speak of high productivity and efficiency. But hardly is it known that this software is highly priced besides is very uncertain. Advanta Innovations provides college software which is economically priced. Installing this software will help you managing your college efficiently. Getting started with our software is easy and quick. You can start using this software soon after it is installed without having undergone any lengthy training.

College management software helps the parents who live far away from their children. Through this software, they can analyze and keep track of the child?s performance even at times when they are away. How to use Advanta Rapid ERP:

Purchase the software from our company, channel partner or onlineGet the software installed at your network and computerInstall and set up the software configuration as per your needsEnter the dataCreate different student fee and class fee structureAssign section, roll numbers, semester, and class to respective studentsStart collecting fees and generate the print out of receiptUse another module as per your need

It is seen that after installing this software the college entities have reported of increased productivity and efficiency. The entire college is managed in uniform manner. Advanta Rapid ERP offers impeccable returns on your investment. Advanta Innovations offers sufficient help to colleges in the process of implementation of this software, besides customizing and configuring it as per your needs.

So keep updated and part away the files and papers. For now you are all set to have a paperless college which is eco-friendly with Advanta Rapid ERP.

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