For a lady who has been embroiled in so many judgment debts controversies, many of which are yet to be settled, Mrs. Betty Mould Iddirisu?s courage and decision to run for the post of a Vice National Chairperson of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) can only be compared to the courage of a bull on heat at the market place.
The bull does not really care about who is watching or who will be offended or about the inadequacy of space or the dust it is bound to stir in the process of its? clumsy love making. All it knows is that it is on heat and must mate now!!!

Betty Mould

When we first heard about Mrs. Iddirisu?s decision to contest for the post we thought it was a joke until we saw her posters and actually heard her campaigning. Then last week, the former Attorney General and Minister for Justice made a statement that suggested that she is not unaware of the huge obstacles that stand in her way to attaining her wish.

Referring to all the criticisms against her concerning the payment of judgment debts she sanctioned to CP, Isofoton ,Wayome and many others, she dared her critics to prove that she is corrupt. Nobody has come up with any proof yet and the SCANDAL cannot prove anything either.

However we all know that that the Supreme Court of the land examined the circumstances under which the ?so-called? judgment debts payments were made to Wayome and Isofoton and ruled that the payments were either wrong or fraudulently claimed. Supreme Court has actually ordered that the monies paid to Wayome and Isofoton be retrieved and paid back to the State.

We also all know that the Supreme Court case was brought against Wayome and Isofoton by Mrs. Iddirisu?s colleague and successor, Mr. Martin Alamisi Amidu who after going through the files was convinced that Wayome and Isofoton had no cases and therefore did not deserve the payments that were made to them.

Mrs. Betty MouldIddirisu was the first Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Professor Atta Mills?s Government. During her tenure, she did not shy away from the many judgment debts cases that were brought against the Government and in many of these cases she opted for settlement instead of litigation in the courts.
She also managed to convince President Mills, her colleagues in Cabinet and the Ministry of Finance to approve and to make the payments. In the case of Wayome, President Mills is on record to have said that he tried on two (or is it three) occasions to stop the payments but was not heeded to.

Indeed there are unverified reports that a Professional Body (legal) was instituted to independently examine the claims of plaintiffs and to advise on the way forward, but payments were alleged to have been made even before the Professional legal Body could proffer any advice.
In the particular case of payments to Wayome, it is also on record that the presiding Judge had at a point advised that payments be discontinued but this too was not adhered to. Whether it was the fault of the Attorney General?s department or the Ministry of Finance, we are not able to tell.

And so we return to the bull on heat at the market square; nobody will stop it from mating openly. Market women and children may pick up their wares and run away from the scene. Others may curse the animals for all the dust they have just stirred up. But most will feel embarrassed or even disgusted. The consolation however is that these are animals and they really do not care.

So yes, nobody has been able to prove that Mrs. Iddirisu is corrupt but the fact remains that the Government under which Mrs. Iddirisu served as Attorney General and Minister of Justice is in court todayasserting that ?Wayome?s claims were fraudulent?. Question is, how does Mrs. Iddirisu see her own position that Wayome deserved the money and therefore was paid? Does she think her Government is wrong and can she, at this point defend the payments she recommended? If she can answer these questions publicly SCANDAL will commit to canvassing for votes for her ahead of the congress.


Source: David Acquah – The?Scandal


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