Your future planning, business transactions and other operations depend on the customer information, financial data and critical business documents. Failure to access this data or interruptions can be financially catastrophic. And if the data is completely lost, then the entire business enterprise becomes inoperable. So a better option would be periodic backup storage. It is a tough challenge as you have to handle the fast-growing databases, satisfy the demands of in-time data availability and secure the sensitive business documents.

LTO-5 tape system is the answer to the data administrators’ stiff backup storage challenges. This backup solution offers a significant enhancement in storage capacity (88 %) and data streaming rate (15 %) in comparison to LTO-4 tape generation. 1500GB/3000GB storage capacity facilitates the data-rich companies to efficiently solve their demanding challenges regarding security and management of corporate data.

That is why the large enterprises, fast paced businesses and midsized organizations turn to the new LTO5 backup system.

The data administrators are well familiar with the new innovative “backup virtualization” system that has revolutionized the data management in today’s IT centers. Good news is that this technology can be seamlessly combined with your LTO5 ultrium system, which will intelligently improve the performance and efficiency of backup processes with reduced number of LTO 5 devices. This is really an attractive option, especially for the companies with tight budgets, slim I.T staff and constrained space. All of the applications communicate with each other via the backup virtualization appliance.

It controls all the tasks and assigns jobs to the applications. Therefore, all of the applications target at a single device that simplifies complexity and eases the data management. Therefore, the users of LTO5 ultrium system can enjoy the benefit of enhanced backup performance and greater reliability with minimal effort. For small & midrange segment, LTO-3 tape is the perfect backup system.

LTO5 is the only backup system that allows media partitioning. A single LTO5 cartridge can support up to 2 partitions. This unique feature improves the reliability and reduces complexity when you are backing up heterogeneous data. Therefore, storage and retrieval operations become easier and faster. Organizations demand fast speed to keep pace with the 21st century enterprise applications, and LTO 5 drives are the best choice. Backup speed of LTO5 drives in compressed and native mode reaches 280 and 140 MB per second. So, a tremendous amount of data (1 terabyte) can be written onto LTO 5 cartridge with an un-matched time period of one hour.

Your job is not over once you have backed up the data, you also need robust security. LTO 5 system has the most reliable features, and the best thing is that customers won’t have to pay additional cost for it. WORM and encryption features come standard with LTO5 solution. So the mission critical data remains safe throughout the storage period, which is demanded by the data retention laws.

Backup virtualization technology is the perfect catalyst to boost the performance and efficiency of the high-capacity LTO 5 system, which also provides users the additional benefit of significant reduction in operating expenses.

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