The headmaster of St. Stephen?s Presbyterian Senior High School (STEPSS) at Asiakwa in the East Akim Municipality, Mr. Sampson Ofori has appealed to the Government to help the school with infrastructures in order to move the school activities forward.

Mr. Ofosu in a interview, said, there was no headmaster?s and teacher?s bungalow for the school. He also said he stays at Koforidua Ghana Secondary Schools campus bungalow and travels about 26km in and out to the school.

According to him, there have not ben any necessary measures in place to ensure that the school is moved to a higher level.

He bemoaned the situation where teachers had to rent accommodation facilities in town, explaining that the situation is an affront to academic excellence.

He further expressed that, the 80.06 acres of land belonging to the school has been left undeveloped, adding that students share the hall they have as both a classroom and a dining hall.

Mr. Ofosu said, the school was established in 1978 by one Mr. Stephen Yaw Adjei, who was a native of Asiakwa, but was later taken over by government in 1978. ?The school has a total population of 763 students.

Upon taken office as the headmaster of the school in April 2012, he has been able to renovate some structures for the school, and the Eastern Regional Minister, Hon.? Victor Smith, the Abuakwa South MP, Hon. Atta Akyea and others have helped in diverse ways.

He expressed the fact that fees payment has turned to be a challenge due to parents.

Touring the school, it has been observed that the school blocks got broken, classrooms not cemented, uncompleted classroom block, and wooden structures were setup for learning activities.

Also, students use classroom after class hours as dormitory.? Cables and ceiling fans in the classrooms are all spoiled and the schools don?t have bus.

Mr. Sampson Ofosu called on the government and other agencies to come to their aid in order to put up required infrastructure facilities to move the school forward.




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