The sub-branch Association of Grasscutters Farmers in the Suhum Municipal has called on the government and other NGO?S to come to their aide and help them get more resources and cages to expand the grasscutters business in order to meet market demands.

The Regional and Suhum Municipal Secretary, Mr. Jonathan Tetteh Asare in an interview said, the farmers suffer a lot in setting up the cages to house the grasscutters, and also? during dry season the stocks branding doesn?t meet the farmers demand.

He also averred that most of the grasscutter famers rear more grasscutters and lack the logistics to expand the demand supply to the buyers, whilst NGOs that buy the grasscutters are normally not?? skilled to take up the rearing of the animals to healthy standards, and hence leading to the death of majority of the grasscutters at teir early stages.

He also said, they lacked food stocks to feeds the animals, and appealed to the Ministry of Health to supply them with drug which can cure any affected diseases to the grasscutters.

He therefore appealed to the youth to engage themselves in the grasscutters business because within 6 months the grasscutters do give birth to about 6 young ones, which can be sold to earn money and make a living.

He finally appealled to all those who wants to engage in the grasscutters farming system to apply skills which can help them boost their businesses.


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