Ashaiman Dam
Ashaiman Dam

The Acting Chief of Ashaiman has called for the preservation of the Ashaiman Dam to enhance the livelihoods residents of Ashaiman and Tema.

Nii Annan Adjor says that the dam presents a great opportunity to government and the people of Ashaiman to sustain and project agriculture in the region and take many young people off the streets.

Nii Adjor said this on Friday during a clean up exercise organized by the Ashaiman Stool and the Farmers Association of Ashaiman to clear the dam walls of weeds which had also become a haven for illegal dumping of refuse and open defecation.

Nii Adjor said he saw the need to protect the facility Ghana’s First President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, bequeathed to this nation by organizing the farmers to embark on a bi-monthly exercise to clear the dam walls of weeds and protect the site.

He observed that Ghana currently faced an acute unemployment situation, “And so if we don’t protect this water body and it gets destroyed, it will throw a lot of people onto the streets and further exacerbate the situation.”

Nii Adjor lamented how “some community members have resulted in dumping their rubbish by the dam, but when you go to the market, 60% of all the vegetables you will see are coming from this place and therefore the need to protect the dam.”

Nii Adjor said the authorities would crack the whip and therefore those involved in that distasteful act should desist from it, otherwise they should be prepared to suffer the consequences of their actions.

The Regent expressed the tourism potential of the dam by saying, “The Ashaiman Divisional Council is in partnership with the Municipal Assembly to get investors to develop the dam, so we can get hotels, restaurants, etc., so that during weekends we don’t drive to Ada or Sogakope for recreation.”

He cautioned against indiscipline which had the potential of destroying everything good nature had for us, and that with discipline, people stood the chance of enjoying the blessings Mother Nature provided.

A member of the Ashaiman Farmers Association in charge of maintenance, Mr. Paul Asante, said that any time they cleared the place, people came to damp rubbish and eased themselves which had made the place nasty.

Mr. Asante said, “We have cried to the authorities severally but nothing has been done and therefore I am happy that the Chief of Ashaiman has come to assist us in terms of providing food and security for the workers and serving as a source of encouragement, and that is why we have all come with joy and oneness to work on the dam.”

He said, plastic waste materials that were dumped at the site, if not checked, would blow into the water body and destroy the dam, “And when it gets its way into the farming area, it would enter the soil and frustrate farming activities.”

He appealed to the Municipal Chief Executive of Ashaiman to allow the tax force members to patrol the area to scare people from dumping refuse at the site.

He also insisted that, should things continue that way, the dam could break and cause untold hardship to the lives of the people living around it.

An Interim Committee Member of the, Ashaiman Irrigation Project, Mr. Emmanuel Korley , appealed to the Regent of Ashaiman to call all the stake holders and the representatives of the farmers to discuss issues concerning the dam.

He observed that tipper trucks plied the dam walls at night which caused the dam walls to vibrate which could result in dire consequences..

A Member of the Farmers Association, Mr. Johnson Awudi, asked for the demolition of all houses along the dam to protect the water body, most especially because some of the house owners had channeled their waste water into the dam, which had serious health and engineering consequences.



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