In my last article I have given brief about the hardware and also some part of the software of Google Android and Apple iPhone device. We are discussing this topic relating to Android Game Development and iPhone Game Development. As we all know, that good and powerful device is key to performance gaming. I will discuss more about device hardware and its performance for the gaming part, and so as which is more convenient platform to get this games developed.

Apple has being following single hardware strategy on any of its products. iPod is the only product which comes in different sizes, else all are of same. So what is that, that iPhone has which people like it? Well one thing is you can have so many clever apps and also entertaining ones, and the feel of the screen and so as the performance of the device itself. So far it has been king of the smartphones in the market and mostly stayed unchallenged till 2010.

So at the beginning the concentration was on the iPhone Game Development only and so as we at Morpheous also believed the same and not even given thought to Android Game Development. But there is one company in the market which started to make difference by bringing in some really good Google Android devices.

Samsung has made some very good devices and is Apple’s nightmare. Since the launch of Nexus one, we thought Google will not be able to catch the market in the pace we thought. But, some very good business decisions and open development methods have changed the scenario so quick that even we are so surprised. I remember, it all started with higher end Sony devices featuring Android OS, I owned one of the earliest of X10 and it game me goose bumps.

It was a nice display with some cool features and nice processor with handsome 8 Meg cameras, well what else you need? And then came Samsung Galaxy product line and it stole it all, same happened in the tablet market, so as started games getting converted from iPhone Game Development to Android Game Development.

I will provide more information in my next article about how the devices are impacting iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development. I hope this article will help you decide in getting your game ideas converted into reality, and with game development companies like Morpheous, it always brings handsome ROI.

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