amanda-bynesAmanda Bynes?is doing so well in rehab that she?s expected to be home by Christmas. While her parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes, have been involved in her recovery,?Life & Style?can reveal that she has chosen not to live with them once released.

An insider tells?Life & Style, “Amanda will not be living with her parents,? adding, ?the next step for her will be to have a sober companion or coach.? Though she won?t be living with them, her parents will be guiding her every step of the way along with trained professionals. ?She?s not leaving the facility on her own ? she?ll still have someone with her,? the insider adds.

?The goal is to help her transition into society properly,? an insider who was with Amanda on one of her chaperoned lunches tells the mag. ?It?s a small step, but an incredibly important one. She now understands that she needs to take her medicine daily. She has her good days and bad days like everyone else, but she wants to move forward with her life ? and she is. She?s very stable.?

Amanda is currently staying at Bridges to Recovery, where she lives in a luxe apartment, not a hospital setting, and has the privilege of leaving with an approved chaperone once a week.





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