BY Nana Arhin Tsiwah

Why do most Afrikans and Speakers regularly quote from white books and authors?
Why do most Afrikans work tirelessly to salvage their economies from
it woes and yet have to believe that their woes can only be solved by
reading and quoting the philosophies of white economists?

A lot of Afrikans think they are smart yet they can’t detect the
influx of 21st Century imperialism.
They organises conferences, summits, events, lectures, symposia,
seminars and what have you to create a society of change makers, yet
they still imbibe_pollutesthe minds of the participants with
imperialist tendencies and approaches of white philosophies.

I am a toddler in this world of global white machinations and Afrikan
antagonistic sabotages, yet I believe that the last stage of
imperialism as critically observed by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah in his
Neo-colonialismthoughts are the very evils betraying the Afrikan’s
conscience and consciousness.

There are many simple reasons for which I think the Afrikan isn’t
aware that he is the cause of his own woes. The Afrikan is still
reading dogmas, doctrines, philosophies, thoughts, ideals and beliefs
which are simply the whiteman’s hidden intents meant to thwart the
potentials of today’s critical Afrikan thinker.

Did you ever think of why the Great Malian Empire King Mansa Musa (I)
was so powerful and rich? And did you know he is said to be the
richest man ever to be recorded in history?

Did you also know why Emperor Haile Sellasie is still hailed in esteem
of high regard? And why he and his people were able to resist Italian

Have you also thought of why Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah is still regarded
as the greatest idealist to ever emerge on the fronts of Afrika? And
why his doctrines and philosophies are still relevant to the Afrikan
in today’s contemporary world?

I feel I should weep for myself for being an Afrikan, still seeing the
Afrikan turned into a puppet of neo-colonialism and a crowish of white
imperialism. The answer to the aforementioned questions is as simple
as this. They understood their own philosophies, ideals and principles
which are securely embeded in the virtues and values of Afrika and the

I’ve shed tears and still finds it difficulty of not a default as to
why the Afrikan is yet the cause of his own problems. The Afrikan’s
thoughts, ideals, philosophies, and principles needs to change, or
else the Afrikan will work and work and at the end it shall all be at
the pleasing side of the white wind blowing under the shade of

These are a synopsis of the thoughts of a “villaGe boy”.


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