By Mazi Odera

Ahead of the 2014 seasonal rainfall, the Anambra State Executive Council today? 31 March, 2014 renewed the mandate of the Board of Trustees, Anambra State Flood Disaphoto 2ster Emergency Fund, from 17 March 2014 -?17 March 2015.? The Terms of Reference (TOR)? of the Board remains unchanged, but the Board’s membership may be reconstituted by Gov. Willie Obiano.

The mandate renewal coincided with Nigerian Metrological Agency’s (NIMET) release of its 2014 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction (SRP), which suggests unduly heavy rainfall with the attendant flooding. It is envisaged that not only will the rains start early, but it would be extremely heavy this year and? fall over an extended period averaging some 100- 236 days in places like Lagos, Anambra, Delta and Kogi States. The latter states it is predicted will have above normal rainfall.? Incidentally, the three states bore the brunt of the 2012 flood disaster.

Anambra State is already making contingency plans for the rainy season.? On?Thursday 3 April 2014, Anambra State Emergency Agency (SEMA) along with its partner, the National? Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) will flag off the 2014 early warning process, with a one day workshop on flood prevention-mitigation-preparedness in Awka.? SEMA and NEMA collaborated extensively during the 2014 flood disaster, thus minimizing human casualties.

Mr. Oseloka H. Obaze, the SSG for Anambra, who chairs the State’s Flood Disaster Relief Coordination Committee and the Board of Trustees of the Anambra State Flood Disaster Emergency Fund, said the state had comparative advantage in managing flood disaster as it proved in 2012; since it had a proactive disaster response mechanism in place. He noted that apart from institutional know how, Anambra State had the acquired knowledge of real time response and has created awareness that effective response to flooding required collective vigilance, requisite knowledge and skills.


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