Imagine that you are in the Dentist’s waiting room and feeling a little anxious. You announced yourself to the receptionist and she has motioned you to a seat. The time of your appointment has passed. You have read all the old magazines and the notices on the wall, including the one that says you will be charged for broken appointments.

Thirty five minutes later a nurse calls you into the surgery. No one apologises for keeping you waiting or gives any excuse. The dentist starts his work but after ten minutes says that you will need extra work and should make a new appointment.

Your day is ruined. You are now too late to do the other things that you had wished to do. You feel unhappy and of little worth, a person of no importance.

Guess what? You are a person of no importance. You did it to yourself. Let’s go back to the Dentist’s office.

When you announced yourself to the receptionist did you ask if you will be seen on time? I always do, and if I am told that there may be a delay I ask her to let the dentist know that if I am not seen in twenty minutes I shall leave. I not only leave after twenty minutes, I bill the Dentist for a broken appointment. It is important that the office appreciate that your time is of least as much importance as anybody else’s. If you do not respect yourself and value your time, why should other people?

Now, of course the boot may be on the other foot as it were. You are with a customer who hasn’t recognised that this meeting is over and is wittering on.

The amount of time that you had allotted for the meeting is over. However the business is not concluded. This is where you could lose control by just keep going. Not only is this wrong but you have given up control. Time is equally important to your next customer who expects to be seen on time. Give a second appointment to the present customer. Be sure to tell them that you will need a full appointment to conclude your business.

You then are punctual for your next and every other appointment. In this way you are not only in charge of today but have established yourself as the controller of your future.

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