7 fun and festive date ideas: Grab your skis

Since Mariah Carey?s infamous Christmas hit came to our screens and radios in 1994 (1994! We couldn?t believe it either), we have all secretly wanted to spend the festive season in a ski lodge; if only to wear one of her fetching, red romper suits. Yet, hitting the slopes somewhere snowy isn?t an option for some of us, so if you don?t live near a ski spot, head to the dry slopes instead. It?s not quite the same, but skiing is a fun date that will fill you both with Christmas cheer.

If you?ve been seeing each other for a little while but want to hike up the levels of romance around Christmas, impress your date by giving them a present every day for the 12 days of Christmas. You don?t have to buy big things; a Christmas cookie cutter or a bottle of their favourite drink will be enough for some days. You should deliver each gift to their house on each of the twelve days and after they?ve opened the gift leave. These micro-dates will make your date feel really special and bring you closer over the festive season.

Christmas isn?t just about unwrapping presents and eating our body weight in mince pies. It?s also about helping others. Although not a conventional date, helping others less fortunate than you is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and it?ll help you both build bonds quickly. You might like to volunteer at your local church, help out at a community panto, visit a soup kitchen or get involved in toy donation projects. The elderly often need more visitors over the Christmas period and plenty of homes have schemes where you can don a Santa hat and sing your heart out to the elderly. Talk it through with your date before signing up to make sure that they?re okay about helping out, but this is a first-class festive date.

Nothing says Christmas more than a big department store window display. Pick your date up at their door and hand them a festive coffee or hot chocolate. Tell them you?re going to spending the night outside so dress appropriately. Then take them on a tour of your town or city, taking a look at the best Christmas displays. If you don?t live in a big city and the stores in your area don?t have mammoth displays, you can always look at homes that have gone all out with their decorations and visit churches which have nativity scenes outside. This is a budget-friendly date that is unique and special.

This year take your date Christmas tree hunting. You should go to a local forest or woodland that?s been set up to sell Christmas trees. Some places will let you wander around the woods and find your own tree. If you?ve found a place that does this, take a mini picnic full of festive fare that you and your date can eat whilst wandering through the trees. Once you?ve both picked one you?ll have to fit it in your car or carry it home. This kind of activity always results in clumsy mistakes and is a fantastic way to see if your date has a good sense of humour. Once home, if the date has gone well you can always ask your date in to decorate the tree… and maybe for an eggnog or two.

Christmas markets are the ideal place to go on a date. Most markets have stalls selling gifts and food. Grab some food from one and buy your date a little gift they might like from one of the stall holders. You can wander around soaking up the festive atmosphere for a while, but lots of markets also have Christmas rides and some offer ice-skating. Get involved in these to make the date extra fun and festive.

When money is tight it?s time to pull out the movies. To make this date night fun and festive get a Christmas stocking. You should each put at least two of your favourite Christmas movies inside the stocking; let your date reach inside the stocking and pull out one of the movies to watch. Although this doesn?t sound like the most impressive of dates you can make a real effort with the food you serve. Christmas cookies you?ve baked yourself or some Christmas canap?s (cranberry and turkey tartlets or some cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon) would create the perfect grub for a festive date and would make the movie night more of an occassion.

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