The 000-N10 test deals with sales representation of the IBM Info Sphere products. The target audience is the professionals who are expected to identify sales opportunities for the info sphere technical products and manage them. When you pass this test IBM certifies you formally thus giving you the title IBM Info Sphere information server technical professional. The mastery test 000-N10 is particularly for professionals who are expected to provide sales solutions to customers through the classically known sales tactics such as product differentiation and positioning.

Test Structure

The total number of questions on this mastery test is 61 which you have to crack in a maximum time of 90 minutes. In order to pass the test and get certified you should score at least 68 %.

The test is expected to have ten sections on it.

Here is a brief guideline as to what these sections will test and how much each section weighs on the total score.

1-   Blue print director: this section tests your understanding of the blueprint director and whether or not you can position it appropriately. This part of your exam would make 10 % of the total score.

2-   The next 10 % of the 000-N10 test would deal with your knowledge of the information analyzer. Make sure you can assess and monitor the quality if given data.

3-   Information services director would make the next 10 % of the test.

4-   The next 10 % would test you on business glossary.

5-   Fast track makes only 8 % of the exam.

6-   Workbench would make 15 % of your exam, so make sure you understand exchanging Meta data and functions of Meta data repository.

7-   Information concerning the data architect and its integration with other related items makes only 4 % of the test.

8-   Another 8 % would deal with info sphere discovery.

9-   To score good on the next 15 %, make sure you understand the complicated functions of data stage and quality stage.

10- The final 10 5 would test your skill on the installation of different components and the use of various scenarios.

Preparation For 000-N10

If you fulfill the pre requisites for the test and plan to take 000-N10 consider yourself lucky because IBM has started a boot camp for its special preparation.

So get ready for the face to face classes and enriched practice sessions with IBM.

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