Laptop sales have displaced the sales of desktop PCs since 2005. Because of the constant drop of technical improvements’ prices and the fast extension and evolution of the technology of WAN, laptops are destined to take the place of desktops at homes and in offices. According to IDC’s new reports, laptops were the most accounted equipments to have been shipped in the year 2011. Even to most manufacturers, their desktop sales have dropped drastically. For example, Dell laptop sale statistics also exceed the desktops, and this again shows the popularity of laptops among users.

In 2007, personal computer sales were found to have grown by 7 percent while laptop sales grew by 18.6 percent and have continuously increased in doubles by 2010. However, desktops were still popular in Latin America and EMEA, in that period.

Laptops occupy a much lesser space than desktops do; they are very portable and are becoming more affordable as compared to its prices a few years back.

Below are more specific reasons why there has been a transition toward laptops from desktops.

Price: Even if laptop units are much more expensive than desktop computers for a similar capacity of power, the price gaps between the two have continuously narrowed down. In 2000, laptops cost twice as much as a typical desktop that has a price of about $1,000. However, seven years after, there was a minimum of a $500 difference in price that depended mainly on the unit’s brand.

Power: In early quarter of 2000, several IT departments shifted into the use of laptops.

This is because the power consumption matters when you have multiple computers running at the same time, especially for the large companies.

Portability and Wi-Fi: The emergence of spots for Wi-Fi has proved the shifts to laptops. Many years ago, laptops were mainly bought because owners could carry it with them anywhere, especially when travelling. Now, there are many areas available with Wi-Fi access. These can help users connect to the Internet instantly. Some of the spots that offer Wi-Fi connections are coffee shops, restaurants, train stations and airports. Today, most laptops owners use it to video chat with faraway loved ones through an Internet tool like Skype.

Also, laptops are now manufactured with bigger screens and lighter weights. Updated models now only weigh a maximum of 7 pounds with a screen size of 17 inches. This is available for as low as ? 250.

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