Young Cisto has brought some of his friends to a statuesque, but slightly run down early 20th century building in a fashionable part of Oslo, Norway. Young Cisto even shows of his dance skills, and tell us he started up as a dancer in Modena, Italy as a kid;

“I used to watch Michael Jackson and others on YouTube and try to copy what I saw. Then I entered some talent shows and it felt good being on stage, and I knew; this was what I wanted to do to be an entertainer.
I started to rap inspired by 2pac, Biggie, 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne and developed my own sound.

When it comes to who I listen to now I believe it’s important to listen to different artists to keep your own sound, but two of my favorites are Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar

“Rectangle” are the first single from Young Cisto’s upcoming EP Tangible Illusions dropping later this fall.


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