Microsoft is distributing some holiday cheer to Windows PhoneMicrosoft gifts 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage to Windows Phone users for a year owners today with an email inviting them to activate a bonus 20GB of SkyDrive storage. The bump in cloud storage will be active for a year and users are given until the end of January to claim their slice of it.

wpid-AscaniMicrosoftHandsOn-26.jpgSkyDrive has grown increasingly important for Microsoft, particularly with the?changes introduced in Windows 8.1, and the company is already giving away a generous 200GB allowance for two years?with every purchase of Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 tablets. Extending the bonus storage offers to the rest of its ecosystem makes commercial sense for Microsoft ? insofar as it encourages more people to use its services more often ? while also endearing the company to its loyal user base.

Source: VERGE


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