Today can confirm of simmering intra-family rift within the family of a 43-year-old man, Godwin Kojo Marfo, after his mortals remains were flown from Milton Keynes, London, to Ghana, ostensibly to be buried without any information about his demise or burial to the family in Ghana.

This paper gathers that Godwin Kojo Marfo?s Ghana-based family, upon hearing of his demise and arrival of his body in the country from outside sources, confirmed the story after identifying the body of their relative at the Gillman and Abbey Funeral Home near Darkuman Junction in Accra.

Autopsy report from the Milton Keynes General Hospital, said Marfo who kicked the bucket on the 2nd of February, 2012 died from Aspiration Pneumonitis.

The leader of the family, Oheneba Ntim Barima, in an interview after the identification at the funeral home said about two months after the death of the brother, Dina Ntim Frimpong and one Irene Asabre, who are also family members living with Mr. Kojo Marfo in London did not inform the family at home about his demise but secretly flew the corpse to Ghana.

He said after getting knowledge of what had happened to their brother, the family managed to get the cell number of the two women but several calls to them proved futile since their mobile phones had been put on voice mail.

Ntim Barima alleged that Irene Asabre got documentation for Mr. Kojo Marfo to travel to London after an arranged marriage and that Irene had gone to claim for insurance on behalf of the deceased.

Oheneba Ntim Barima continued that he wrote a letter to petition the Ghana High Commission in UK through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the alleged development but had no favourable response from the authorities.

He added that on 3rd April, 2012 he had a call from an anonymous lady in Ghana that she was supposed to have brought the corpse of his late brother to Ghana the previous day but could not do so because of lack of space on the plane she came with.

He added that the staid woman also told him that doctors in London had told them (family in London) that until the funeral day was scheduled, the corpse would not be given to them and also, when the corpse arrives, none of the family members should be given the opportunity to view the corpse.

Oheneba Ntim Barima said after the family?s investigations in Ghana further revealed that the corpse had been deposited at Gillman and Abbey Funeral Home, they made arrangements with the management of the Home to view the corpse.

The Managing Director of the Gillman and Abbey Funeral Home, Emmanuel Abbey, confirmed the story and stressed that the corpse did indeed belong to the family, but explained that the family had to pay the total bill that have been accrued before the corpse could be released to them.

But Ohene Ntim in response to this demand said the family in Ghana did not have any agreement with the Home and would therefore not pay any money to them.

Meanwhile, several calls to Dina Ntim Frimpong in London to ascertain her role in the arrival of the mortal remains of Marfo in Ghana have proved futile as her phone was always answered by voice mail.

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