Many of us do not know this but the natural gas is one of the oldest fuel resources in the world. This is because the origins of gas were also found out by prehistoric mankind as well, but they could not really understand the different utilities that it can provide. However, since the past many years, gas is being used to power up our lives. One should really first understand how gas is made, basically it is produced from decaying fossil in the belly of the earth. The procedure is similar to that of the formation of the sedimentary rock as the pressure on the fossil basically increases, the fossil starts decaying and firstly it becomes into crude oil and after more repeated pressure from the layers of earth above, the crude oil is turned into natural gas.

The extraction of the natural gas is also quite a lot of hassle and requires a lot of precision planning.

In fact there are also going to be a lot of preliminary strategies explored before the initial extraction is even taken place. This is of course due to the fact that you have to be very sure that you are going to find gas where you are digging and you are going to find it at a depth that you can easily achieve. Another important factor is that you also have to be very sure that where your digging there is ample amount of gas so that it may be able to cover the cost of the excavation itself while can also make a sizeable profit on the investment for all the parties concerned.

That’s not all; the excavation is also a very difficult process due to the rough terrain in which normally gas fields are found. This makes it a real hassle when the heavy digging machinery has to be moved from one end to the other of the excavation and can cost a lot, both in terms of money and the time it consumes.

Furthermore, there are also going to be serious problems of getting to sites which are going to be away from the national roads, and it is a high probably that the infra structure around the field is going to be nonexistent.

So if you do happen to come across a field brimming with natural gas, in your budgeting you is also going to need to look at the different infrastructure development that you are going to have to make in order to make it a running field. For example you are probably going to have to connect the field with the high way with a metal road so that the machinery can easily ply to and from the other parts of the country.

Similarly, for operations to begin you are also going to have to construct new offices and residential complexes around the area so that the team can work easily; it is basically the idea that you are going to be having to start a new town in the field that basically looks after the crew and their families while at the same time, the excavation of the gas continues. Not only that, but there are various other problems associated with the excavation of gas most notably the environmental hazard that it causes the residents around hence it is not normally seen that cities or settlements are near to the actual extraction point but are at  a safe distance. The crux of the matter is that gas is a very efficient energy source but one should exercise caution in using it since it is very valuable and hard to extract.

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