TRAGEDY struck at one of the rehabilitation camps for flood victims in Delta State, weekend, when three persons, including two brothers, who visited the camp ground to identify with the Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, were electrocuted.

However, at submerged Elohim community in Burutu Local Government Area, it was not a story of death, as three women, Mrs. Seidougha Serah, Mrs Kemekebulou Ezonkaboere and Mrs. James Kampala, gave birth to two baby boys and a girl.

The electrocution incident reportedly occurred at the Caverginia Primary School Relief Camp, Warri, for flood victims at about 7.00 pm.

An eye wtiness said: ?The victims were four in number. They were not among those affected by flood. They had gone to empathize with those who were affected and were at the entrance to the camp when an electric cable snapped from the pole after a loud spark and landed on them.

?Two of the victims were either Ibibio or Efik, one was Urhobo while the other was Ijaw. One of them was rushed to Central Hospital, Warri. I understand that one of the victims was actually trying to pull out his brother who was affected when he himself was electrocuted.? 


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