As singles, we typically have more time to pursue some of life?s adventures than many of our married friends or relatives. Yet, so many of us have fallen into the rut of ?work, home, work, home? and we seem to have no time for anything else! With time (and for many of us, money) on our hands, why not consider some of these alternatives to working all the time?

1. Create a bucket list of all you want to do.
Many of us desire to visit some places or do some things before we are no longer able to go or do them. Singles typically have more flexible schedules, so make that list and make time to check some items off the list! Did you want to see the Big Ben clock tower in person, or visit the Eiffel Tower? Plan, save and go for it!

2. Get together with family and friends ? just because!
No, it?s not a holiday, a birthday or some special occasion. It?s just time to party and enjoy life! Grab a few friends, get around a grill, get some music going and enjoy!

3. Pursue your passion.
You are a great charcoal artist but you haven?t sketched in a long time. You love photography, and would like to take it to the next level. Your guitar has been sitting in the corner of your room since last year. Whatever your passion is, it?s time to make time for it! Take your passion as far as you can. You never know where it can lead ? you could be showing your work at an art gallery or playing with a band at an amazing concert someday! Never put a limit on your passions.

4. Read classic books or listen to classical music.
Music and books are the two things that can change the mood of a person or the atmosphere of a place the fastest. Reading the classics and listening to classical music can be intriguing and soothing. Maybe visiting an opera would be something to try!

5. Give back/Pay it forward.
Consider spending time giving back to others. Whether it?s participating in a 5K walk/run for a reputable charity, or spending a weekend helping to build a house for the underserved, there are multiple opportunities to give back to those who are in need. Giving allows you to feel good while offering others hope. Here is another idea that is catching on in many areas: paying it forward. Cover the cost of a stranger?s cup of coffee to brighten someone?s day. Help to pay for groceries for someone who is in need.

There are so many other ways that we as singles can live full lives, but these are five that we can start to do now. Enjoy life! Don?t spend it all working and doing task after task. Create meaningful moments that will become precious lifelong memories. Remember: No-one ever says at the end of their life that they wish they had spent more time in the office.



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