My little boy who has no English or Hebraic name says he would like to be called John. It?s a joke because he will never take that name for as long as I can veto the decision. There are too many motherland African personality names to select from than to go a-borrowing alien John names.

That notwithstanding, the little boy?s reason for wanting a John name is that only a John can be a president in this our blessed motherland. I never thought the tiny son of Okekyereahenedekyerekuro Kwasi has been nursing a presidential ambition. My compatriots, please join me, and let us shock the little one by scattering this John logic, myth, riddle or maze.

We begin with the diminishing John as evidenced in John 19+, John 8, John 3?, and end, for now, with John approximately ?. There has been no John initiated universal free education. It has been mainly tinkering around free education. And there is no John free education in sight as we head towards December 7. The only realistic free education post-December 7 is coming from a non-John, a certain Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

John the boom, also John the free education snatcher, boomed his way into education cost-sharing and terminated at cost-recovery. John the giant, however, took it from there with giant steps in capitation grant, free feeding and free Kufuor bus rides.

The contribution of John my brothers and sisters of do-little infamy was mainly checking schools under trees and token exercise book and uniform supply. His do-little efforts introduced university classes under trees, a result of doing little about the dire energy supply situation.

Successor John all my children is mesmerized and bedazzled by the succeeding free SHS education campaign of Nana Addo and has said nothing about, let alone reveal, any plans for implementing free education and therefore most likely unable to do much about freeing education.

The more democratically elected a John is, the more a John seems able to reduce the cost of a child?s education to parents. Coup John, also John the stolen verdict, could only raise the cost of education.  John the only democratically elected in the fourth republic reduced costs drastically. Ballot rigged John, in the miracle of an opposition successfully rigging elections, talked about cost reduction without tangibly reducing costs. The death coup John is at a loss.

So the graph of free education shows a deep dip during the John one era, an upward rise with the second John, resumed decline in John three?s time and the decline continues with John four.

That is for free education which may be as difficult realizing by electing a John administration, as is impossible by a John manager of motherland Inc.

The debate is now about how he who is not a John is going to translate his free education talk into action of parent relief. Majority (three out of four) of the Johns have been congresspeople who have been unable to deliver free education.

I wonder why anyone would be surprised. Everyone should know how the congress Johns think. They hurl insults at you for saying what is possible is doable because their little thinking encourages not deep thinking problem solving. Instead of proposing measures they could take to free the education system, they say it is impossible. Education infrastructure first they cry, as if free education means no infrastructure.

There is no money to free education, they say. There is money says Akufo-Addo. All the judgment debt payments: Woyome, Waterville, CP, Isofoton, Akwamu, traditional council this and traditional council that. Somewhere at the international investment arbitration outfit, there is money the madam attorney general should have collected. That is money, tons of it.

There is the windfall oil money. We have not been told where it is all going. Most likely, it is going into servicing the multiple loans contracted from the Chinese. A lot of it is also going into buying refined oil and gas and starving Kwame Nkrumah?s insightfully constructed Tema Oil Refinery.

As for being called John, the little guy who may want to be president one day can shelve that idea because assuming the name John will permanently cost him the presidency of the motherland. With one John scoring above average out of four Johns, the other three scoring below average, some well below average, the motherland is done with John rule.

All three congress Johns have been caught tightly manacled by World Bank/IMF conditionalities. The first one believed we couldn?t reach middle income status before year 2020. By 2007, the non-congress only excelling John had taken the motherland there.

Today, congress John says there cannot be free high school education before 2032. Akufo-Addo of the excelling John?s party says free SHS by 2016. I believe the latter.

 By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh


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