The Bible says that God created humans for ?his pleasure?. He did not create us to harass us, or to go around trying to hurt us.

He says he is our Father. Just like your children you do not want to harm them. The reason the ?God of Love? told his children Israel to kill all women and children and men was because these people he ordered to be killed were descendants of the ?Giants?. The Giants descendants were ?haters of God and his Children?, so God told Israel to kill them ALL. These people were KENITES, children of Satan.

These descendants were created from the sexual intercourse between Eve and Satan, and it is a major law being broken when an Angel comes down and has sex with an earth girl.

This broken Law was so bad that God caused the flood of Noah in order to destroy the first batch of these hybrids.

SO when you hear someone say that it was God that did something bad to people, just remember you are his child, no matter if you accept that or not, and if God kills someone, there is a good and right reason for it.

The Bible teaches that God formed and owns all souls, so there is no one that does not belong to God period, and if you choose not to want to follow the God of Love that is your free choice, and God will honor your decision to ignore him, because he gave you free will to decide for yourself.


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