Germany's forward Thomas Mueller (3L) celebrates after scoring during the semi-final football match between Brazil and Germany at The Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on July 8, 2014. AFP PHOTO / ODD ANDERSEN
Germany’s forward Thomas Mueller (3L) celebrates after scoring during the semi-final football match between Brazil and Germany at The Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on July 8, 2014. AFP PHOTO / ODD ANDERSEN

As the Semi Final match commences,
BRA captain David Luiz and Julio Cesar were seen holding up a Neymar jersey during national anthem. Bone-chilling, as always

Also, about 120,000 Neymar masks were produced for Brazil-Germany match.

#GER lineup: Neuer; Lahm, Hummels, Boateng, H?wedes; Schweinsteiger, Khedira; M?ller, Kroos, ?zil; Klose

#BRA lineup: J?lio C?sar; Maicon, Dante, David Luiz, Marcelo; Fernandinho, Luis Gustavo; Hulk, Bernard, Oscar; Fred

Minute-by-Minute Highlight

1: Early cross in from Fernandinho that wins a corner for the hosts 0-0

2: Boateng heads it away, Marcelo collects and passes to Hulk. Gustavo wins a throw. 0-0

3: Early shot from Marcelo from about 20 yards as Boateng concedes the space. Powered wide. 0-0

4: Neuer out to collect a cross from Hulk as Brazil come pouring down the field again. Nervous start from GER. 0-0

6: Fine start here from Brazil, who are very fired up. Germans will want to settle this game down a bit, and soon. 0-0

8: Khedira with a shot and did that come off Oscar’s hand? He thinks so. 0-0

8: Nope. Great ball in by Ozil, Khedira hits his own man, Kroos, in the rump. That’s where the tenderest meat is, you know. 0-0

11: Now a corner for Germany after Muller steals it from Marcelo and powers down with Khedira. Open stuff. 0-0

13: GOAL! Brazil 0 GERMANY 1 Muller

14: Off the corner kick, Muller half-volleys it through Cesar’s legs and into the net. How is he so open? It’s a fine sidefoot, though. 0-1

16: Bernard now with a foul near the touchline. There is a sense of deflation around the Mineirao. Lots and lots of time left. 0-1

17: Now some argy between Hulk and Muller after a perfectly fine tackle by Lahm in the box. Brazil think they should have a PK

17:?and no chance. Marcelo makes a meal of it, Marcelo and Boateng then get into it with Muller and Neuer intervening. 0-1

20: Brazil trying to beat the high line and they are bombing down whenever they get the ball. But it’s frantic rather than fast. 0-1

22: Good ball from Boateng to Khedira tees up Klose, but the shot is a tame roller. 0-1

23: GOAL! Brazil 0 GERMANY 2 Klose; A record-breaking goal from Klose, who is now the highest-scorer in World Cup history with 16.

Cesar bobbles the initial shot, Klose is there to sink the rebound and this could be a rout as it stands. 0-2

24: GOAL! Brazil 0 GERMANY 3 Kroos

26: GOAL! Brazil 0 GERMANY 4 Kroos

27: Two in two minutes. And the fans are in tears in the stands. Brazil have never been 4-0 down in a World Cup match to my knowledge.

28: First Kroos goal: Ozil with a ball out wide to Lahm, cross is across the face of Cesar’s goal, and Kroos makes it easy at the near post.

29: Second, it’s right down the gut, Brazil are in shock and Khedira and Kroos beat Fernandinho badly. 0-4

30: GOAL! Brazil 0 GERMANY 5 Khedira

Five in 30. Ozil and Khedira make the Brazilians look like schoolboys. Or people that have never played defense. Collapse.

32: Lahm nearly makes it six with a ball that goes right along the face of the net. Brazil have given up. 0-5

35: Now Khedira is almost slipped through clean by another ball that slides through the defense, but Cesar collects it. 0-5

And no, this is not a joke. It really is 5-0 to Germany. Still In Brazil Against Brazil.

38: Now a foul conceded by Luis Gustavo on Muller gives the Germans a FK on the edge of the area. Brazilians look distraught. 0-5

38: A poor take from Ozil sees it fly into the stands. 0-5

43: Finally, something resembling an attack as BRA win a FK after Khedira fouls Bernard. Can they make something of this? 0-5

45: No. And Germany break. So much room. That field looks huge and wide open down the middle. 0-5

HT Brazil 0, Germany 5. Again, not a joke. Klose is now the Cup’s all-time leading scorer, Kroos has a brace, Muller, Khedira one each

46: Paulinho on for Fernandinho as second half kicks off in Belo Horizonte 0-5

Also Ramires on for Hulk (BRA) and Mertesacker for Hummels (GER) are halftime changes

51: Good from Neuer to cut off a cross that might have given Oscar an open look 0-5

52: Neuer denies Oscar after Ramires sets up a clean look 0-5

53: Now Neuer fists away a Bernard corner, then produces a remarkable double save off Paulinho 0-5

54: BRA have been spirited, creating chances but Neuer not allowing them to get something for their work 0-5

58: Second GER change is Schurrle for record-scorer Miroslav Klose

60: Julio Cesar gets out just in time to beat Muller from a horrid giveaway 0-5

61: Julio Cesar very good to get up to his right-hand post to tip a Muller drive over 0-5

67: Julio Cesar smartly outside his area to kick away from a GER counter that had two men coming in alone 0-5

69: Dante (BRA) gets first yellow card of the match 0-5

70: GER GOAL Schurrle strokes it home and hardly celebrates BRA 0 GER 6

72: Willian has come on for Fred for BRA final change tonight

75: Germans just passing it about now. Doing enough to keep BRA honest, but little more. 0-6

76: SUB Draxler for Khedira (GER)

78: GOAL! Brazil 0 GERMANY 7 Schurrle

79: Fabulous goal! No one is near Schurrle, ball is cut back and he takes a touch and then slams it in off the bar. 0-7

81: Marcelo has a go at the other end, but it’s not close. Or Klose. 0-7

85 Ramires with another attempt – Neuer there again 0-7

89 Willian sends Oscar through the trap, but he pushes the shot across face of goal 0-7


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