A sea plane in one of the Caribbean Islands

We are still on our thrilling story, as Alexander urged me to travel with him to the Caribbean. Initially, I was not keen on travelling to that part of the world because I was preparing to meet the crew of our family fishing vessels in Limbe, Cameroon who were preparing for the main fishing season.

Indeed, business on the Africa continent is soaring as the economic crunch in Europe is compelling people to rush to Africa to do business. However, Alexander pleaded with me so the following morning I jumped on a private jet with the first stop in Cape Verde for routine maintenance.

As we later landed on one of the islands, we were picked by a bald-headed gentleman. He first shook my hand and then embraced me like a brother before shaking Alexander?s hand. I knew he did it to show that we were from the same stock because of my black skin.

After packing the luggage into the American built cross-country vehicle, our friend drove us to one of the private villas on the island.

We were formally welcomed by the owner, a black woman in her early forties. She had met Alexander on several occasions so I was the new person. I quickly conducted a brief interview and got to know that she was a qualified doctor who was trained in the US and practiced in that country for a period before coming to the Caribbean, region of birth. She took me on a guided tour of her villa. She had a good aviary with exotic birds of the Caribbean and the South American continent.

As we sat on the classy balcony overlooking the blue Caribbean Sea, Dr. Carolyn Melding (not her real name) took me through some of the things she was doing and I was shocked at the revelations.

Carolyn slot into a nearby player, a compact disc and out of it came, the beautiful and the haunting music of a woman accompanied by the throbbing of an acoustic Spanish guitar and a bongo.

Carolyn asked us to watch the setting sun. Listening to the beat, I could clearly hear the sound of the bongo drum, the rhythm of the Yewe (thunder spirit) cult of the Ewes of West Africa.

It swiftly dawned on me that we were in for a strange night. Then I looked at the last ray of the sun over the Caribbean Sea and saw the formation of a cloud in the form of a pair of human hand pushing down the sun to make way for darkness. I quickly stood up from my chair and prayed for divine protection. (My venerated senior colleague Steve Larbi knows the meaning).

I asked Carolyn about the lady, whose voice we heard.

?You would meet her tonight in one of the closed randy parties as I would take you along in my rounds to attend to my clients. Indeed, we have a long and hard night ahead of us. However, there is one serious warning, as we move around do not drink any liquor offered you.? Carolyn added that some contained snake poison, hard drugs and other incredible things like male semen.

I was so shocked at the mention of such things. I was in hot waters despite the fact that I had been to many places previously-the Congo River basin, the romantic land of the Iberian (Spanish) peninsular, Atlantic to the land of the ancient empire of Montezuma (Mexico).

I had moved down to the Copa Cabana beach of the football legend Pele in Brazil, I felt cold shivers over my body.

That night, I saw incredible things with the eyes that the Almighty God gave me.

I knew if I told my boss, Madam Gina Blay and other colleagues about the incredible things they would cast doubts in the offices of Daily Guide in Accra. Indeed, as a professional, I need not divulge some of the ugly things I saw and I am determined to keep them off my column but I promise that I would narrate some interesting scenes for my readers to read.

I had the opportunity to fly on board a sea plane with Dr. Melding to other islands in the Caribbean and I narrate a few things to you later however, some of the narratives, which are not palatable for public consumption will be ?deleted.?

At some places, I knelt down on the beach to ask God to rain down His grace and mercy upon mankind.

My dear readers, I would lead you into the secret rooms and bars of some of the famous people in the Caribbean Islands next week.

 By Amos Amaglo

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