The CCIE Wireless written exam with the code 350-050 is a recertification exam which must be taken after every two years by CCIE. Recertification must be completed before the given deadline to avoid the loss of benefits related to your expert rank. There is no certifications and training required for the CCIE certification. However, the examinee must pass the written exam and the hands-on laboratory examination.

The 350-050 examination contains the following topics and sub topics. One of the subjects included in the exam is the Plan WLAN Installation. The sub-topics include the Definition of Standard-Based WLAN, Definition of WLAN organizations and regulations, identification of the requirements of the customers for the WLAN, translation of the services and designs required for the customers, the determination of WLAN policies and parameters, identification of ambiguous gaps in information, evaluation of the environmental characteristics.

Moreover, the definition of tasks for an opening site survey, the evaluation of the current L2/L3 infrastructure, and the survey conduct are also included.

The Design the WLAN installation topics included some of the related topics, which are the recommendation of the unified models and designs, the determination of possible of LWAPP to WAN, and the knowledge about the hardware and software for the support network structure. Furthermore, the draft on RF operational model and the WLAN security policies are part of this section. Another part of the examination deals with the Implementation and Installation of WLAN.

Some of the topics include the setting of the suitable configuration restrictions, verification of the WLAN client, location, voice, operation, and networking.

The last part of the examination is the Operate WLAN installations. This section includes the determination of the key performance indicators baseline, the collection of the baseline WLAN with the use of the analysis tools, and the establishment of fault management policies and procedures to indicate regular monitor. It included also are the monitoring of faults, performances, and WLAN Security policies.

The exam takes two hours with average questions of 100 questions. These questions aim to assess the expertise in planning, designing, operating, and troubleshooting in the Enterprise WLAN network of the candidates. No books or other references are allowed during the examination. During the exam, the examinees must answer every question before proceeding to the next. With this, the examinees must not skip a question and comes back to it if there is still time left. Lastly, the results or scores on the exam will be given with the use of the 300-1000 scale system.

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