Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang
Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang

wpid-profaanajaneopokuagyemang.jpgTeacher Trainees have petitioned the President?of the Republic of Ghana on the recent scraping of teacher trainees’ allowance, calling for its immediate restoration. According to the Association of Teacher Trainees in Ghana, they are disappointed in the ruling NDC government for refusing to rescind its decision on the matter.

The petition has it that the?decision and change of policy on teacher education will be very detrimental to the future of education in the country.

They hold the view that the teacher allowance introduction and implementation has positive effect on teacher education in particular and basic education in general over the years.



Your Excellency we want to express our heart- felt gratitude to you for your efforts in enhancing teacher education in the country. However, we want to register our deepest displeasure for the scraping of teacher trainees? allowance and also call for its immediate restoration.

In fact, we are highly disappointed in your government that despite several appeals by teacher trainees and numerous calls by stake holders, individuals and associations such as GNAT, NAGRAT, TEWU and CETAG among others on your government to rescind its decision of scraping teacher trainees? allowance, you still remain intransigent.

Your Excellency, in your recent state of the nation?s address, you stated that in other to solve the problem of teacher deficit in the country you saw it cogent to scrape teacher trainees allowance so as to increase admission quota in colleges of education. This assertion we believe is untrue. This is due to the fact that, increment in admission quota did not only occur in colleges of education, however it occurred in all tertiary institutions and was highly motivated by the need to absorb the huge number of applicants resulting from the double stream Senior High School ?graduates.

This decision and change of policy on teacher education we strongly believe will be very detrimental to the future of education in our country, taking into consideration the historical antecedent that led to the implementation of the allowance scheme and the positive effect it? has had on teacher education in particular and basic education in general over the years.

Your Excellency, we want to bring to your notice that, as it stands now about forty percent (40 %) of level hundred (100) students are not able to return to college. Even those students who reported were sent home because they could not pay the exorbitant feeding fees. This has affected academic work greatly. We are as a matter of urgency calling on you to intervene immediately by restoring the allowance so that these poor trainees will be able to pay their feeding fee and other bills.

It will NOT be in the interest of our dear nation for this allowance scheme to be scraped. Therefore this hasty political decision should not be visited on the innocent children and families of vulnerable Ghanaians.

Your Excellency, we are perfectly aware of the current economic and financial crisis in the nation. Nonetheless, the innocent teacher trainee should not be used as a sacrificial lamb. If this is not adhered to, it will be tantamount to a poultry farmer whose chicken is stolen by a hawk and he uses eggs to throw at the hawk. Meanwhile, quality teacher education can help turn the economic fortunes of the nation.

We therefore want to state emphatically that the teacher trainees? allowance should be reintroduced immediately due to the following reasons:

  1. The scheme was instituted to serve as motivation and attraction of quality teachers to the low paid teaching profession.
    1. The allowance have served as a poverty alleviation intervention over the years in the sense that, families who cannot afford the exorbitant fees of other tertiary institutions in the country have had as a last resort to send their wards to colleges of education in their bid to have their lives transformed and made better by these wards.
    2. Trainees on out-programme segment depend on the allowance greatly for their teaching and learning materials, payment of rent, utility bills, just to mention but a few.
    3. The allowance also assist trainees in college in the payment of feeding fees, examination fees, buying of text books, hand-outs, among others

Meanwhile, we have received a directive from the Ministry of Finance that payment of allowances to level 300 teacher trainees will cease after June, immediately they finish their course. The reasons given by the Ministry are that;

i.??????????? There is no certainty as to whether trainees who complete their training course will accept posting by GES.

ii.??????????? Trainees who do not pass their final examination continue to enjoy trainees? allowance.


That notwithstanding, these reasons given by the Ministry of Finance is unfortunate and cannot be substantiated. This is because most teacher trainees receive postings from GES even before they finish their final examinations and also those who do not pass their final examinations are posted by GES and they continue to teach whilst they write their referred papers.

We want to bring to your notice that, this directive by the Ministry of Finance is just an attempt to bring insanity and mayhem into the education system and any attempt to implement it will be resisted.

Your Excellency, if you are really committed to promoting quality teacher education in Ghana, then we challenge you not to remain intransigent. We are however prepared to engage in mutual negotiations.

We count on your usual co-operation.


Dated: 24th March, 2014



(National President)??????????????????????????????????????????? (National Coordinator)

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  • Minister Of Education
  • The Chairman, Parliamentary Select Committee on Education
  • Regional Ministers of designated cities
  • Executive Secretary, NCTE
  • Director General, GES
  • Regional Directors of designated cities, GES
  • Director, Teacher Education Division, GES
  • General Secretary, Ghana National Assoc. Of Teachers (GNAT)
  • Administrator, Colleges of Education
  • General Secretary, Teachers And Educational Workers Union (TEWU)
  • Chairperson, PRINCOF
  • President, National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT)
  • President, Colleges of Education Teachers Assoc. of Ghana (CETAG)
  • President, Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT)
  • All Media Houses





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