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A group of farmers in Sawla

Namibian farmers gain from controlled grain imports

Namibian farmers gained a significant market share for their produce, thanks to controlled imports imposed by the government, an agronomic board report said on...

AfDB avails funds for Namibian farmers

Namibia's Agricultural Mechanisation and Seed Improvement Project (NAMSIP) will directly benefit 294,500 crop farmers and 10,000 livestock farmers, following the approval of funding from...
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Namibian farmers worry about cattle survival as lakes are drying up

Sweat drips and runs down on livestock farmer Nghipandulwa Ndjuulume's face. In the scorching sun, with a cane in his hand, Ndjuulume leads his...

Tough times for Namibian farmers

Namibia is currently in the throng of a second drought inside three years. In a statement released Friday but made available Monday, the union said...

Namibian farmers want government help on SA animal restrictions

Last year, South Africa informed the World Trade Organization that it plans to enforce the restriction anytime between February and March this year. ...

Namibian farmers dealing with weeds for better yield prospects

But her smile fades when she recalled that in previous years, the sight of her once green pearl millet plot did not transpire into...
Photo taken on July 21, 2015 shows exposed riverbed in Shanzuizi Village of northeast China's Liaoning Province. The lingering drought in Liaoning has resulted in about 178,200 people lack of drinking water and has affected about 1.15 million hectares of crops. (Xinhua/Li Gang)

Deficit for Namibian farmers as they lose livestock to drought

It's a Thursday afternoon at Iiputu village and the sun was at its peak. In a dry grazing area, with support of small tree...

Drought drives young Namibian farmers to urban areas

John Sheya, a 30-year-old farmer in Namibia's northern region of Oshana, has decided to go to the nearest town to seek a job as...

Namibian farmers save crops from birds with plastic bags

In Namibia's northern Omusati Region, farmers are using plastic shopping bags to save crops from birds that have become a threat to farmlands harvest. "Drought...
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Agricultural yields deficit for Namibian farmers

For 49 years old farmer Iyambo Mateus from a far-flung village in Namibia's Oshana Region, it never rains but pours. Firstly,...
African women farmers

Namibian farmers call for government drought assistance

On her farm, Hilma Kapena from Oshana Region in northern Namibia looks onto her field in despair. "I ploughed my field for cultivation in...