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kidnapped in Nigeria

Atheism and Family Persecution: A Case from Central Nigeria

While there has been an overwhelming emphasis on the pervasiveness of religiosity and god belief in Nigeria, little attention has been paid to the...

Islam, Social Media and Rise of Atheism in Northern Nigeria

Atheism was the focus of a seminar by the Centre for Islamic Civilization and Interfaith Dialogue (CICID) at the Bayero University Kano. The seminar...

Atheism in modern day Kenya

Recent reports from both local and international media have highlighted strains between a small atheist group, Atheists in Kenya (AIK) and mainly christian religious...

Atheism Gaining Roots In Namibia

From spreading the ‘good news of theism’, he is now propagating the ‘gospel of atheism’ and from being the ‘Saul’ of charismatic Christianity, Keith,...

Using Atheism To Reduce Maternal Mortality In Nigeria

If you are one of those who think that atheism is of no benefit to Africa and Africans, that disbelieving in god has no...

Skepticism Goes Up in Botswana

By Leo Igwe Like other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, most people in Botswana are religious and profess believe in god particularly the christian god....

Free Mubarak Bala Campaign Calls For Support

By Leo Igwe ? I am writing to lend my support to the Free Mubarak Bala Campaign and urge all friends out there to do so....