David Norden Botwey, Executive Director of SWEB Foundation
David Norden Botwey, Executive Director of SWEB Foundation

Mr David Norden Botwey, Executive Director of SWEB Foundation, says the organisation is fixing the necessary structures to establish a disability institute to address gaps in disability matters in Ghana and Africa.

David Norden Botwey, Executive Director of SWEB Foundation
David Norden Botwey, Executive Director of SWEB Foundation

He said the institute would offer basic and advance courses to individuals, disabled persons organisations, policy makers, employers, private and government agencies to appreciate the nature of disabilities.

A seven-member local and international technical advisory team comprising university dons have been formed to consider content of the curriculum, course modules, and the national accreditation process and university affiliation procedures, he said.

Speaking to Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of a two-day workshop for parents support group research team, Mr Botwey noted that training policymakers and employers on disability would assist them to plan and implement policies and programmes beneficial to the disabled community in Ghana.

The Director said the institute is expected to launch short courses such as customer relations with persons with disability and helping the physically challenged to use wheel chairs and access to public buildings

He said there is the need for the state to prepare the environment to make it comfortable and friendly for persons with disability to enjoy normal life and realise their fundamental human rights.

The foundation?s research project seeks to assess the needs of parents and caregivers of children with disabilities and assist them to gain insight into the realities of their lives at home as well as develop parents support groups involving parents of children with disabilities.

Under the project, which would last for six months parents are going to be supported by the Foundation to be actively involved in the rehabilitation of their disabled children through the use of photo and voice.

The project is being piloted in Osu in the Greater Accra Region and Amansie West in the Ashanti Region where 12 parents in each of the areas have been chosen and given digital cameras to track the activities of their disabled children.

Mr Botwey said the SWEB Foundation is committed to promote the rights and social inclusion of persons with disabilities in Ghana, and therefore believes that people could be empowered to unite and impact on the wellbeing of persons with disabilities.

The project is being funded by the Liliane Foundation, with technical support from the Enablement, both international non-governmental organisations headquartered in The Netherlands.



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