A former student of Supormu-Dunkwa Methodist Junior High School in the Shama District, Andrew Quayeson is in the grips of Beposo Police for allegedly stealing computers belonging to his former school.

The government is accused of installing spyware on dissidents' computers

The suspect, who completed his elementary education in 2005 from the school, reportedly broke into the computer laboratory and stole three laptop computers and a desktop, last Tuesday.

However, according to a police source, luck ran out for Quayeson, alias ?Sketches?, when a student of the school gave a hint of the theft to the headmaster of the school, Mr. Justice Kofi Wankye, on Thursday, October 23.

Consequently, the source said, when the suspect had parceled the items into a black polythene bag in readiness to travel outside the town to sell, the headmaster laid ambush for Quayeson along a footpath leading to the main road and upon nearing him; he pounced on the suspect and grabbed him.

However, Quayeson engaged in a fierce scuffle with his former headmaster, the source said, and tried to escape.
But the headmaster pursued Quayeson into a marshy area in the town and caught him again, together with the stolen items.

So with the assistance of some onlookers, the source said, the headmaster dragged Quayeson and the items to Beposo Police Station.

Quayeson, even at the counter, the source said, jumped the wooden bench in an attempt to escape but was pursued again and re-arrested.

The suspect would be arraigned on Monday, October 27, for theft and resisting arrest.



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