There may be countless ways to acquire long term care (LTC) without private insurance, but you will eventually sacrifice one of your needs and this could be either your health care or your money.  By considering a long term care insurance Partnership Program policy you will be able to manage your LTC and protect your assets at the same time.

Choosing the appropriate LTC plan is a key factor in the success of your future health care and financial freedom.  Look at your options one by one making sure that you do not miss out any important feature which is offered by each type of plan.  As much as possible work independently but should you need some guidance along the way, seek advice from your family and a licensed LTC specialist.  Do not try to assume that an LTC plan others have come up with will work for you just the same because you have separate bodies and thus your health care requirements are naturally different from theirs. 

Before shopping for a potential LTC plan, pass by your doctor’s office for a checkup as your present health condition and your family’s health history will definitely factor in the development of your LTC program.  This is especially true for a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy as insurance firms never  issue this type of product casually.  They will scrupulously study the overall state of your health to check if you are at risk of a medical condition that will require relatively high levels of care later on. 

Once you’re done at your doctor’s clinic make time to get in touch with an LTC expert, perhaps someone who works closely with the top LTCI carriers.  If he has been around for three decades or more, there is no doubt he can help you apply for an excellent coverage. 

Inquire About Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

Although experts on the field of LTCI cannot wait to disseminate all pieces of information that will help their clients acquire the best plan, they try not to appear too pushy.  They know how defensive the public can get on this subject as the cost of care is putting so much pressure on them.

Take the initiative to ask about the varied offerings of LTCI carriers such as reimbursement policies, indemnity policies, cash plans, and do not forget Partnership qualified policies.  The latter actually offers more than those previously mentioned as it guarantees asset protection and supplemental coverage from Medicaid. 

The Partnership Program, an offshoot of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, is a partnership between insurance companies and government agencies that aims to get all Americans to plan their LTC through an affordable coverage.  Unlike other types of policies, a Partnership qualified policy promises nationwide access to quality LTC and asset protection. 

However, do not rush into buying a long term care insurance Partnership policy in hopes of being able to migrate and receive care in your desired place.  Check with your LTCI specialist which states are currently offering the Partnership Program and participating in its reciprocal agreement.  Performing in-depth research will eventually lead you to the perfect.

LTC plan

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