The truth hurts but as usual, it must be told. Why I?m I saying this? Dancehall artiste Kaakie is reported to have said she is the best Ghanaian female artiste in Africa when she appeared on Joy News? ?The white carpet? show. Not only did she say that, she had earlier stated she is the most sexiest, daring and annoying person. Well that?s her behavior and how she sees herself so I have no comment on that but to say she is the best Ghanaian female artiste here in Africa, I beg to differ.

Kaakie for her time in the music industry undoubtedly has done very well and continues to make wonders. For now, she is the queen of our dancehall music in the country and no one can dispute that fact. Kaakie has been releasing lots of hit songs, touring Ghana with her ?Kakitup Tour?, been to BBA to perform, won awards, nominated for Channel Music Video Awards which I wish she wins and other achievements she can boast of but that don?t make her the best female artiste in Ghana. She shouldn?t forget that Ghanaian music industry is not made up of only the dancehall for her to have said that on the show. She could have rescued herself and save my time if she had said ?she?s the best Ghanaian female dancehall artiste in Africa? but not to cross the shores of dancehall music and generalize it.

Obrafour could have said Sarkodie is the best ever to have happened to Ghanaian music but knowing well that Ghanaian music industry doesn?t consist of hiplife only and for that matter Daddy Lumba, Amakye Dede, Kojo Antwi, A.B Crenstil and other legends are also part of the Ghanaian music industry, he restricted it to hiplife.

Could Kaakie have said that for lack of adjectives to qualify herself at that instant or that is what she thinks she is? Probably at the time she was asked to describe herself she was left with nothing to say and she mistakenly added that because there are lots of female musicians in the country who are doing better than she is.

Talking about best female musicians in Ghana, the afro-eclectic  African soulstress, my adorable ?Gingam? lady, Efya the nocturnal can never be forgotten looking at her collabos, her performances, and her international recognition. Also Becca is one great female musician in Ghana whose singing prowess can never be underestimated. We shouldn?t forget she has organized her ?Girls Talk? concert for two consecutive times and they were all successful. Itz Tiffany,Eazzy, and Mzbel are such great musicians in the Ghanaian music industry.

Let me quickly add that there are many female gospel musicians who are even doing more than what she is doing.

You might think I hate her but don?t worry yourself over that because I will name her among my five best female musicians in Ghana which shows how good she is but SHE IS NOT THE BEST GHANAIAN FEMALE MUSICIAN IN AFRICA.


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