It has been more than one hundred and eighty years since the United Kingdom passed the slavery abolition Act effectively outlawing the practice of keeping Africans as slaves throughout the British Empire. That formally initiated the process of ending the darkest era of human history where the rest of the world conspired for their own economic gain to subjugate a race to the most barbaric form of dehumanization for almost four hundred years. Millions of Africans were kidnapped from their homes and shipped under horrific conditions to different destinations to build economic empires for the white man.


The road to freedom for the black man has taken different detours since then. In America, we had to wage a ferocious battle for years to actualize first the freedom from slavery and then the more tortuous legal protection of our civil liberties. In Africa and the Caribbean, the battle was for political independence, the instrument for kicking the Whiteman out of our continent. While it would be admitted that we have recorded a measureable level of success in our walk to freedom , it has to be acknowledged that we are still very much in bondage. For the substantial number of us that would vehemently dispute this assertion let us just consider the following; African countries claim political independence but most are still heavily indebted to IMF, WORLD BANK, the PARIS CLUB. All these institutions are owned and controlled by the west.

If he who pays the piper, dictates the tune and the lender is the master of the debtor, then we have not quite broken the chains of economic bondage. Little wonder then that these institutions control our governments, dictates our policies and determine the value of our currency. When they sneeze we catch cold. They encourage us to subscribe to the concept of globalization that reduces our continent to the dumping ground of their substandard goods. They routinely demand that we devalue our currency and increase inflation. They foist their companies on us, thinly disguised as mechanism for monitoring the spending of the funds they gave us. They are in control, when they say jump, we ask how high? In the United States where there are over 45 million African Americans, (the largest concentration of Africans outside the continent) the illusion of having achieved significant progress in the protection of civil liberties is routinely shattered when there is a confrontation between a white man and an African American. The instruments and intuitions of society instinctively deploy to protect the white man and betray the civil liberties of the African American.

It has almost become customary for white men who gun down Africans in cold blood to securely slip through the cracks of the criminal justice system strategically put in place exactly for that purpose. Time and time again, white men are getting away with murdering Africans. While we now have more lawyers, doctors, Engineers and other professionals securing a foothold in America?s corporate ladder, the truth still remains that economic control remains firmly in the hands of the white man. They determine the size, scope and content of recruitment, basis ,pace, and pillars of progression, quantum, qualification and justification of remuneration and of course timing of termination. We may be working for wages now but we are still slaving to build the Whiteman?s empire. And this does not exclude the President of the United States, since we can easily draw a clear correlation between the economic devastation that preceded his emergence, the panic that engulfed wall street and their desperately drafting a hitherto unthinkable option. Now that they are well on the road to economic recovery, what is happening? He is fast becoming the most vilified President. He has been dubbed the anti Christ, with the latest opinion poll recording that 70% of Americans consider his Presidency a failure. No matter how high we climb as individuals, their institutions would always take us back to the plantations.

The surprise is not that they continue to enslave us, the surprise is that we continue to accept servitude.
One man in one country dared to persecute Jews for four years, they emerged from that experience resolute in their commitment to act as a united entity and through their network they have built the wealthiest economic platform in the world. We were prosecuted for over four hundred years by a global conspiracy and we emerged from it the most fragmentized race in the world. The Chinese used the advantage of their population to accelerate their economic development; they are now the fastest growing and second largest economy. There are almost one billion of us globally , yet we are still the poorest in the world. We are the only race that does not practice the act of deliberately patronizing our own businesses. Jews do it, Indians are proficient in it, Italians are unapologetic about it, the Chinese are especially good at it. We are the race that murders ourselves the most, whether it is to settle petty political scores in some African countries, or to establish dubious ethnic /religious supremacy through acts of terrorism . In the United States, we kill ourselves over the most trivial gang related tussle or drug related turf war.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It certainly appears that if we want to turn this situation around , we must do something different. Maybe the next time MACY STORES is adjudged culpable of negative racial profiling, we will not accept a fine, instead we will call all African Americans to boycott their products for one month.

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