Stephen Colbert, who had been stepping away from the spotlight since resigning from his post on ?The Colbert Report? in December, made an appearance at CBS? upfront presentation on Wednesday, May 13 at Carnegie Hall. Introducing himself as the future ?Late Show? host, he teased what his show would be like though he was mostly joking.

He began with a taped sketch in which he prepared to go on an ?Eat, Pray, Love?-type journey to India to discover himself, but ended up getting absorbed in watching CBS and losing track of time until May. He still didn?t know himself and CBS president Les Moonves told him, ?You?re a white male comedian with a nice haircut and a suit.?

He then introduced himself, ?Please welcome the new host of the ?Late Show? and the man who is talking right now saying these words-Stephen Colbert.? Saying that his new hosting identity could be ?as a Kardashian,? he showed a photo parodying Kim Kardashian?s naked photo for Paper magazine in which she balanced a champagne glass on her famous derriere.

Colbert promised to honor the legacy of David Letterman, adding, ?We will do the best show we possibly can and occasionally make the network very angry at us.? He joked that his show would see him ?solving murders by zooming in on pubic hairs.? To ad buyers who attended the upfront presentation, he said that his show would attract ?young eyeballs, and not just the ones Rupert Murdoch sells on the black market.?

The new ?Late Late Show? host James Corden also showed up at the event. ?I guess the old joke is true about how you get to Carnegie Hall,? he said to the crowd. ?You take over a late show and it turns out to be mandatory.? On his new gig, he admitted, ?It?s very early days for us,? before adding, ?I?m really loving being a part of this incredible new time in late night.?



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