starbowAll fleet of domestic airliner, Starbow, have been grounded following safety concerns.

Deputy Minister of Transport, Joyce Bawa Mogtari has told Citi News that management of airline company, Starbow has grounded most of its flights to carry out emergency service procedures on them after a near fatal accident on Tuesday.

A Starbow aircraft en-route to Takoradi yesterday developed a fault, and did an emergency landing immediately after takeoff.

Two passengers onboard were injured in the process.

Two passengers aboard a Starbow aircraft destined for Takoradi were injured when the plane force-landed 20 minutes into the journey.

The plane made a quick emergency return from its journey to Takoradi after it experienced hydraulic warning signals 6000 feet in the sky.

This is the second of such an incident involving a flight of the airliner.

In the wake of the incident, Deputy Transport Minister, said the Ministry summoned authorities of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for a briefing over the matter.

She reported the GCCA as saying the Starbow plane involved in Tuesday?s incident needed further maintenance before flying.

Consequently, the Authority has decided to ground all fleet of the domestic airline?for further safety checks after which an airworthy certificate will be issued to the company.

This is the second time?a similar incident has happened in two months.

On August 9, 2014, a Kumasi bound Starbow aircraft was forced to land shortly after taking off because?it developed a fault mid-air.

Even though management of the airline insists the two incidents are not related, Joyce Bawa Mogtari says the emergency service procedures to be conducted will ensure safety for all passengers.

?Remember that what we want to do is to ensure the safety of our passengers and to assure the general public that everything is being done to ensure that our safety record is maintained,? she said.

She added that, ?I know a lot of passions have been inflamed, I am not sure Ghana has an enviable record in terms of statistics, these incidents happen every now and then, but if we were proactive??

The plane made a flapless landing after a hydraulic fault was detected by the pilot, and injuring the?passengers in the process.


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