On July 17th, a press conference for journalists in Sri Lanka was held at NPC. This press conference was co-organized by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, Chairman Man Hee Lee) which has its headquarter in South Korea, and by National Peace Council (?NPC?) in Sri Lanka under the purpose of collaborating on peace-building process. Participants shared their opinions and mutual understandings. Journalists gathered to cover on the 2nd World Alliance of Religions Peace Office meeting in Sri Lanka, and to discuss the role of Sri Lankan journalists in pursuit of peace.

I am greatly pleased that the first peace press conference was held through HWPL along with the World Alliance of Religions? Peace (WARP) Office Meeting said Mihindukulasuriya Rajitha Lucksri De Mel, the representative of HWPL in Sri Lanka. He continued in the interview, ? It was the time for the journalists who knows well about the current status in Sri Lanka to realize how important the role of journalists is for achieving peace.

The calling for journalists to participate in peace-building process is on the rise. Journalists are given the important task of informing the world with the news of peace in order for everyone to join the work of peace, as discussed among the peace press conference for journalists.

Panel at the conference was attended by Chief editor Sulochana Mohan of Ceylon Today, and editor Yoshitha Perera of Daily mirror. ?At the conference, participants freely shared their opinions on the equal basis as journalists. Each of them eagerly participated to answer three questions HWPL presented to the group: What do war and peace mean to people of Sri Lanka? Do you think Sri Lanka needs peace? If yes, what do you think are the role and tasks of press and journalists in pursuit of peace in Sri Lanka?

Editor Yoshitha Perera of Daily mirror answered ?I think people should receive peace. HWPL can help to bring peace. I like the suggestions of HWPL that develop the mind of people and construct the peace in their minds?. Chief editor Sulochana Mohan of Ceylon Today answered ?We don?t have war but it doesn?t mean that we have peace all together. Christian minority suffered. People?s mind should change.?. Journalist Dilshan Aloka of Lankapuvath could not attend the meeting but delivered his answer through the email, saying ?Yes. Sri Lanka needs enduring peace, and organizations such as the ?Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL)? can play a vital role in placing foundations for sustainable peace and development.?

At the second half of the conference, journalists and press delivered their messages to HWPL, recorded in a video. When HWPL receives the video, it is planning to use this video to further awaken journalists in other regions with tasks of establishing peace.

The first peace press conference for journalists held in Sri Lanka is one of many practical peace initiatives HWPL is undertaking. At the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit held in last year, Chairman Man Hee Lee presented practical approaches to establish peace, and awakened each press, journalists, political leaders, religious leaders, judicial officers, and leaders of youth and women organizations with peace-building tasks they hold accountable for.

The World Alliance of Religions? Peace Office meeting held in Los Angeles, United States, for the first time in history has grown to become a truly global movement with the help of HWPL members and those who are actively working to bring World Peace. Now, the number of opening WARP Offices has grown to 76 offices in over 46 countries. The rest of the world is paying close attention to how this first peace press conference for journalists in Sri Lanka will grow and develop to present other practical solutions for bring World Peace.


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