The 2012 December 7 General Election is over and both the winner/s in the presidential and parliamentary elections have been announced, yet the Ghana Police Service is leaving nothing to chance to ensure that the country is peaceful and stable.

Speaking on Joy FM, an Accra-based radio station yesterday, the Public Relations Officer (PRO,) of the Ghana  Police Service, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Cephas Arthur,  assured the nation that the security is ?still high on the alert? across the country in spite of the fact that the elections were peaceful.

According to him, the Police had in place ?a three-phase security plan to ensure peace before during and after the elections.

?And even though the elections have been generally peaceful we have activated the third phase of our security plan to ensure that we continue to have peace in the country?,? DSP affirmed.

In the estimation of DSP Cephas Arthur, the third phase of their plan which is to ensure peace after the polls is ?more crucial.?

This, he explains, is against the backdrop that it [after the polls] is the time where tension can rise and all manner of things can be done to destabilise the peace of the country.

??We have also revised our strategy for the third phase security plan and deployed several personnel across the country, especially in the cities, and around residents of very important personalities (VIPs,) DSP Arthur further disclosed.

The Police PRO contended that his outfit mindful of the political fever has beefed up security by deploying personnel all the country to repose confidence and to assure the Ghanaian populace that they are in firm control.

Asked how they [the police] managed to police the polls and also ensure that miscreants did not take advantage of the elections to perpetuate crime, DSP Arthur said: ?We did it by inviting our sister security agencies which included the Fire Service, Military, Prison officers??

While admitting that it was not an easy task policing the elections, DSP Arthur said the various security agencies which were part of the National Election Task Force also ensured that they had men at post to check miscreants who had ill-intentions to use the election as a cover to commit crime.

?Thus I can say, for instance, that while we had Fire Service, Prison officers policing the polls they also had men at post to respond to crisis,? DSP Arthur said.



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