The Deputy Head of IMANI Ghana, Mr. Kofi Bentil?has advised government to sack all doctors and ask hospitals authorities to employ them.

DoctorsThis he believes will prevent the rather annual Doctors ritual of strikes.

In a statement posted on his Facebook wall, Mr. Bentil wrote that:

I wrote this in 2013…. its over 2 years now and we have the same problem!!
the twist today is that the Doctors themselves want to resign…. I suggest, let them!
and follow the suggestion below!

Devolution is the future, move there!

If I were the President I would terminate the appointments of ALL Doctors on strike, Yes sack them!,

Then I will take Bright Simons’ advice and issue promissory notes to pay all arrears over a period, which the Doctors can discount at the banks.

Then I will order all hospital Managers to go and hire Doctors to do the work and pay them hourly!

Before you insult me pause a bit, this will immediately start the devolution of management, hiring/firing; and the local management of Medical Staff some of us have been clamouring for.
It will also ensure that Doctors can bargain individually for their real worth, and if they dont like it they can go to a hospital which will pay them what they want.

This will actually lead to better equity and the end of strikes because the government is no more your employer, the hospital is! and you are paid hourly so no overtime, ADHA etc etc wahala! now you can insult me….


Government has however described as illegal a strike action declared by health workers, particularly doctors and has asked them to return to work.

Labour and Employment Minister Haruna Iddrisu in a Press Release?has said the striking Medical doctors should call off the partial strike action with immediate effect.

Read full statement below:


Government wishes to restate its commitment to the creation of a conducive working environment for all public sector workers. In this regard, Government has lately been in discussion with the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) on conditions of service for medical officers.

It should be noted that the demands contained in the proposed conditions of service have never existed in the past. Government wishes to note that already the Public Service Joint Negotiating Committee (PSJNC) is involved in a universal discussion of Category 2 & 3 allowances.

Any negotiations of such allowances must therefore be under the ambit and in line with the work of the PSJNC. Further it is important for Government to conduct a financial analysis of the impact of any such conditions of service on Government expenditure in order not to adversely affect the annual budget approved by Parliament.

Also, as a result of the need to maintain equity and fairness in public sector remuneration, especially in order not to jeopardize the recently implemented Single Spine Pay Policy, it has become necessary for Government to seek the advice of the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission on the demands put forward by the doctors.

Government is of the view that while these processes are on-going, it is unfair and against the rules of labour practice for the GMA to declare a partial strike by withdrawing all outpatient services. This amounts to coercion and an attempt to compel Government to negotiate under duress.

The current withdrawal of services is illegal and Government calls on the GMA to call of the partial strike with immediate effect.


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