The educational campaign took the Commission to the Metro Mass Transit Terminal, the Ford Station, and the Tantri and Pedu Lorry Stations where drivers were educated on road signs, rules and regulations and briefed on the effects of accidents on the nation.

Drivers and Road Safety
Drivers and Road Safety
The campaign coincided with the 42 years of Ghana’s shift from left to right hand-drive on August 4, 1974.

Mr Stephen Anokye, the Regional Road Safety Officer, said road accidents during election years were high and the Commission would work assiduously to stem it this year.

He, therefore, tasked all politicians to advice their followers to observe road traffic regulations before, during and after their campaigns.

They should also ensure that vehicles to political rallies were not overloaded whilst speed limits were adhered to forestall calamities, he said.

Mr Anokye said engineers in the region did not add pedestrian safety measures to the planning of the roads and that had greatly contributed to the high pedestrian knockdown of 49.5 per cent, the second highest nationwide.

That figure, he noted, exceeds the national average of 41.1 per cent with Greater Accra Region being the first region with 57.3 per cent.

He said school children were the most affected and urged teachers and all stakeholders to constantly educate children on road crossing drills.

“Another issue of great concern is broken down vehicles left on the shoulders of the roads which are major causes of motor accidents,” he said, and called for the reintroduction of towing-vehicles to instantly remove such vehicles.

The Regional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ASP) Takyie Poku, appealed to all stakeholders to help in the fight against the rampant road accidents that had already claimed 71 lives from January to June in the region this year.

He mentioned over speeding, overtaking and drunk-driving as the major causes of accidents in the region and advised drivers to be very cautious to prevent unnecessary deaths.

He commended the Metro-Mass, Ford and some of the other Transport Association drivers for their adherence to road regulations and urged those who are not doing so to emulate their examples.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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