The Tema Organized Labour (TOL) in conjunction with the Tema District Labour (TDCL) of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has hit the roads of Tema to demonstrate against what they call astronomical increases in water and electricity tariffs by 52 percent and 78.9 percent respectively. But end up clashing with the police who insisted the angry protesters disperse because there is a court injunction placed on the demonstration to be pros pond.

According to the spokes person of the TOL Mr. EleazerBorboryo ,the action of the police is not understandable because they have written to the police as the laws demands and went further to have series of meetings with them concerning the demonstration. To our surprise a letter was send to the chairman of TDCL, Mr. Wilson Agana at home indicating there is a court injunction placed on the already planned activities for the following day.

After all attempt on the part of police to disperse the crowd failed, the issue was sent to Tema circuit court but the judge ruled in favor of TUC to go ahead with the demonstration .The unstoppable crowed matched through the principal streets of Tema with red bands and messages written on cards such as ?We No Go Fit Pay? , PURC talk about the waste first not unprecedented increase etc.

Mr. Wilson Agana presented their resolution on utility price hikes to the Human Resources Officer of Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) Mr. Daniel Nyaho- Dati stating that, the TOL in- session bemoaned the adverse social and economic effects of the utility price hikes on workers and their families. TOL finds it unacceptable, the hardship brought on working people of Ghana by the actions of Government and the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) through this unjustifiable utility price increase.

He added that the failure by government to implement the Automatic System on Utility Tariffs should not be a burden insensitively shifted to workers and Ghanaians. TOL, therefore, finds it ironical and insensitive on the part of government and PURC to slap Ghanaians with 78.9% increase in electricity tariffs and 52% in water tariffs without consideration workers ability to pay. Not forgetting the VAT of 12.5% and NHIL of 2.5% which is also deducted from electricity power or water one purchase. However TOL calls on Government and the PURC to reduce the announced increases in accordance with the demands by the TUC and Organized Labor. The TOL also pledges its support and readiness to go with the TUC at every length to bring down the tariffs and that worker in the Metropolis stand ready to initiate and join any action should government and PURC fail to meet the genuine demand of worker and Ghanaians.




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