It is quite natural to notice reduction in the system speed & performance after the same is being used for a longer period of time. Most of the Mac users are well known to the issue & they time & again opt for new means to rectify the same to have well performing Mac. With degrading performance the system losses its efficiency & the mac on which you would have once loved to work now seems to be tiresome. Slow down of mac results from numerous reasons counting from virus infection, to fully occupied Mac or Minor corruption in file system to name a few. However, if the case is not so instead something entirely different it is suggested checking the hard disk space and in cases you may find the same running out. Unwanted files & applications that is the cause behind the very application needs to be looked at & verified. Until, the same are removed from the system it may not be possible to achieve well performing system. You may find vast number of files & applications on your Mac, however not all of them are important and this arises the need to optimize OS X Lion Mac using advanced utility. Likewise are the temporary files, that are created every time Internet is browsed and though they are none of use, a significant portion of disk space is utilized unwontedly for the same. If the same is not checked on time, system problem continues to increase and a time may come when it will fail to respond at all & posing risk to all your vital data & information files. As removing all these files is not made possible manually mac optimization tool makes the task easy to do for all. As with the application all unnecessary files, binary files, application traces, unused language  support files & others of the type are eliminated from the system with its use. 

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