joseph2-002by J.Y. Frimpong
She was dead! She has been mourned over; she has been buried so there was no way she was going to come back to life again. Boakyewaa did not live any meaningful or extraordinary life when she was alive. Only few people cared about her. Surprisingly, when she died, lots of people trooped in to ?cry? at her funeral. Regardless, she was dead.

But they say she didn?t die at her ?appointed time?. They?say that her sister spiritually took her ?something?. They also say that that ?something? had supernatural powers which caused nothing but harm hence failure to possess that ?something? resulted loss of power and more often than not death. I am even confused myself but that is what I heard. So logically speaking, she was spiritually murdered.

I heard all these rumor in an almost whisper. I was at the market en route to the bus terminal. I also heard that this said sister has buried that ?something? at a faraway place where no one except she knew of and that even her children helped her in doing so. I also heard that this ?something? was destroying and killing members of the family. I couldn?t listen more because I suspected that the gossips had noticed my activity and I didn?t want to risk it; I knew them, everyone did; they talked about nothing except ?people?s matters?. Regardless, these facts still remain

ONE, we cannot ascertain what this ?something? really meant.

TWO, there remains no proof of the exact location where this ?something? was buried.
THREE, who is even the originator of this gossip, what is her aim?
FOUR, how did they even know that it wasn?t Boakyewaa?s appointed time to die? She did die, she died at aged 71!
FIVE, no matter what they are fabricating, these facts still remain: Boakeywaa has been buried so there was no way she was going to come back to life again. She has been mourned over. She is dead
by J.Y. Frimpong


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