The credibility of Elections 2012 is on the line. It is regrettable that elections which have cost so much to conduct would be characterized by irregularities in the full glare of foreigners.

It is against this background that we do not agree with those who create the impression that we have come of age in the practice of democracy. Some of the accolades about our so-called progress in democratic practice are, for us, baseless when the conduct of elections is still fraught with open thievery.

The leadership of the NPP yesterday stripped the elections of any shred of credibility, presenting interestingly documentary evidence of anomalies which went into the polls.

It is our belief that something concrete prompted the reaction of the leadership of the largest opposition party in the country.

If the democratic qualities which we claim our country has are true then how come we are unable to hold on to the values of decorum and sincerity when we go to the polls?

In some countries, elections are conducted with little or no fuss because the political leadership understands the ground rules and are, above all, sincere.

It is lamentable that desperation can lead politicians, educated as they are, to engage electoral thieves to steal votes in order to favour them.

So many years after independence, and election management is still shrouded in thievery and insincerity. It does not only hurt; it is disappointing that the perpetrators are persons who are supposed to lead their compatriots on the path of righteousness.

The growth of democracy requires that everything about it, especially the conduct of elections, is without a shred of insincerity.

We saw the amassing of protesters yesterday around the Electoral Commission (EC) following the questions that have arisen out of the 2012 polls.

It was such an avoidable development. We would have to, as a nation, go back to the drawing board and come out with formulae that would further reduce the capacity of bad politicians to rig elections.

The ballot papers are still the preferable choice of dishonest politicians and it is for this reason that we think attention be directed to that area. Most of the complaints that arose out of last Friday and Saturday?s polls had to do with ballot papers.

We long for the day when elections would be devoid of what characterized Elections 2012. At the time of composing this commentary, the security officers at the EC offices did not have to go beyond pushing protesters away from sections of the facility. We held our breath as the standoff between them and the police lasted. The standoff was unnecessary and was a palpable blemish on our democratic credentials whether we like it or not.

An election that lacks credibility is not worth the candle, we dare assert.


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