Today is World Press Freedom Day, a day set aside to salute journalists and others who work to
enhance press freedom around the world. While we enjoy considerable press freedom in Ghana
we cannot take it for granted. We have to remember also that it was not always like this;
some people fought for this freedom – some paid with their lives and freedom.
Today, some people who gladly describe themselves as journalists and “media personnel”
are too careless and arrogant with what they do…
We need to remember that this freedom is always in danger and has to be guarded and respected
every single minute of every single day. Press freedom is the chief guarantor of all our other freedoms.Today, our thoughts must go to people in countries where this freedom is supressed and denied to citizens.

In our West Africa sub-region, The Gambia springs to mind but it is not the only place where journalists have died,
been imprisoned or exiled in the course of their work and in the fight for press freedom, human rights, democracy
?and social justice.Press freedom must be protected and nurtured, so on this day I salute journalists and all those whose work

enhance this freedom including civil society and citizen’s groups. Let us all work together in this cause.
Source:?Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng


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