He said this at a durbar of fishermen and fishmongers in Axim in the Nzema East Municipality, on Tuesday, as part of his “Changing Lives and Transforming Ghana” tour of the Region.

He said so far, Government had distributed 1,500 subsidized outboard motors to fisher folks across the coastal communities in the country.

He said the fishing industry is very useful to the country’s economy, hence Government’s commitment towards improving their standards of living.

For the past four years, the government has constructed cold stores in some coastal communities and promised providing more of such facilities in other fishing communities to avoid wasting fish stocks during peak seasons.

The President said government had secured funds for the construction of sanitary facilities and bathhouses across the coastal communities in the country.

President Mahama said the government had increased the supply of pre-mix fuel to the various landing beaches across the country and the issue of the shortage of the commodity is a thing of the past.

He cautioned all fisher folks to refrain from engaging in illegal fishing practices in order to sustain the fisheries resources.

The President also appealed to canoe owners to register their canoes so that the National Premix Committee could allocate the required quantities of the product to the various landing beaches.

He said the registration would also enable them to be enrolled onto the fishermen’s insurance programme and, therefore, used the occasion to debunk assertions that the exercise was intended to tax them.

President Mahama urged all NDC faithful to conduct themselves decently in the coming elections adding “we believe that God is on our side, so victory would be ours”.

Earlier, the President made whistle stops at Agona-Nkwanta and Abura in the Ahanta West District, to interact with the people and canvass for their support in the December 7 polls.

The Paramount Chief of Lower Axim, Awulae Attibrukusu III, appealed to the Government to construct a cold store and sea defence wall at the coastline of Axim following the recent tidal waves that destroyed some structures in the area.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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