…??For it?s often said that, one who deserves praise is not denied of it.

Teachers are central part of every society. They add values to the lives of our children, laying the foundation for the expansion of knowledge. Teachers have, undoubtedly, contributed to the development of any nation said to have progressed or progressing.

In every profession, from doctors to architects, one is indebted to the positive impact of teachers for helping him/her succeed. This is why it is sad to see the attacks, some of which appear orchestrated, against our teachers.

Teachers merit a better commendation than what we usually see. The lives of most prominent men and women across the globe were academically shaped by teachers. They have as well helped many people to achieve their desired dreams whilst others are still realizing their potentials through their effort.

The profession, in my view, is one of the most difficult professions I have ever known. But yet teachers are not accorded the necessary recognition and respect in their field of work. These groups of people (teachers) have the most forbearance spirit. Honestly speaking, they have the ?special? hearts that accommodate any kind of nonsense from some notorious and stubborn students and at times from some fierce parents.

You may ask why I am commending teachers. Well, they ought to be commended for their great job. Imagine the world without teachers. How would the world be like? The question is can you live in such a world?

My few months experience in the classroom, as a National Service Person in S.D.A Junior High School, Hohoe, has really given me the insight in some of the challenges our teachers are facing in their work. In fact, the teaching profession is not an easy task as some people thought. Taking the pain to teach and again explaining a subject matter to students? level of understanding is indeed hard. If you ask me who are the most disciplined in their profession, I will not hesitate to tell you teachers. This is because, most teachers, I have known since my preschool up?to-date are all disciplinarian. They have instilled in some of us to be discipline as well.

I?m seizing this opportunity to express my innermost gratitude to all teachers. Especially to Mr. Bindoph Christoph Azumah, he?s one of the teachers I can never forget in my life. He was my father and teacher so to speak. He taught me English during my Senior High School days. He is one of the disciplinarian and hardworking teachers I have ever known in my life.

If most students would be very sincere to themselves they can emphatically attest to the fact that they realized their ambitions through their industrious teachers for which I am not an exemption.

It?s high time we acknowledged our teachers. They have really done a great job. And they are still doing many marvelous jobs. I can never finish showing my gratefulness to them.

Teachers deserve special gratitude and recognition. Their impact in nation building warms the heart of a chunk of people. Hence, a big ??thank you?? to them.

Long live the teaching profession, long live teachers!

????????????????????????????????????????By: Adjetey Emmanuel

?????????????????????The writer is a Freelance Journalist based in Hohoe

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