Having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people ?

2 Timothy 3:5(NIV).


Godliness denotes righteousness, holiness, saintliness, goodness, piousness and devoutness, among others. It is thus great to be a godly person because godliness is a great virtue. Besides, godliness with content is a great gain. It may therefore appear that all godly people are assets. Consequently, a person may be tempted to desire a godly person as a friend, mentor, role model, wife, husband, leader, or business partner. However, a mere godly person can be dangerous!

Real godliness has both form and substance. The form denotes appearance and countenance of a godly person. This appearance is mostly deceptive. Persons who have only a form of godliness are beautiful on the outside but stinks on the inside. They glory in their appearance and are only known after the flesh. Besides, they are not integrated in that their words are miles apart from their actions. In fact, their words and deeds are two parallel rivers. Such people usually eloquently preach virtues but practice vices. Like, empty barrels, they make the most noise! Besides, they are usually people pleasers and yearn for societal acceptance by compromising on godly virtues. On the other hand, the substance of godliness is the inward make-up of a godly person. Persons having godly inward make-up may appear ordinary or ugly on the outside but glitters on the inside. Such persons simply harbour hidden gems. Their true worth is discernibly measured in gold. They potently possess both the real form and substance of godliness. They are usually known after the Spirit. It goes without saying that they are people of integrity (character).

People who have only the form of godliness are dangerous! They are dangerous because they consciously or unconsciously serve as agents and employees of the Devil. The Devil is no respecter of persons; he only respects divine power. However, persons with only the form of godliness by their attitudes deny the reality of divine power to deal with all situations. They are usually dominated by fear and easily succumb to devilish attacks and maneuvers. Therefore, meddling with such persons is to naively quench one?s faith and expose oneself to unnecessary spiritual attacks. It is more like an eagle flocking with chickens; it becomes a cheap prey to a chicken hawk. But real eagles soar heights. Besides, they keep the company of only eagles.

Today, many so-called Christians have clothed themselves with godliness but by their attitudes they deny God?s power in His word. They profess the power of God yet they deny its efficacy in all human endeavours. They thus believe more in hollow human philosophies such as economic, legal, medical and political theories than the word of God. In other words, they easily conform to the standards of this world than that of God. Their god and appetite are respectively what they should be ashamed of and their belly! Besides, they are carnally minded. Consequently, they refuse to totally surrender their lives to the leadings of the Holy Spirit and divine guidance. ??Have nothing to do with such people.? We are wrestling with powers, not flesh and blood. God has thus given us the Spirit of power. Therefore, to put on a form of godliness and deny its power is to surrender to the evil powers. Such persons are clearly enemies of God; wisely avoid them! To be equally yoked with such people is to commit spiritual suicide. Wise up!

Source: Richard Obeng Mensah, author of right your writing.


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