Computers are very convenient for performing a number of operations. With the availability of internet, the functionality of computers has increased further. However, a lot of things go into setting up a computer and having it perform to your satisfaction. One of the most important aspects is PC cables.  These wires are used to connect the computer to other devices such as printers and scanners. Broadband internet connectivity also requires the use of high quality wires that are resistant to environment and can reduce disturbances, interferences and loss of signals. Some of the most popular kinds of wires used are optical fiber wire, coaxial cable and twisted pair wires. In the present world, although technology is focused on creating wireless devices, the efficiency and ability of wires to transmit data without interruptions cannot be matched by wireless networks.

This is reason why new cables are being manufactured and higher versions are being released in the market.

In order to provide PC cables that provide high standards of performance, cables have been categorized based on their data carrying capacity, ability to offer uninterrupted data transmission, broadband and other factors. The different categories available are Cat3, Cat5, Enhanced Cat5 (Cat5e) and Cat6. Further, Cat6 cables are categorized into Cat6a, Cat6c and so on. Each of these PC cables has specific advantages and has to be chosen based on requirement. Cat5 cable bulk is cost effective and suitable for a lot of purposes. They are some of the best wires that are used for residential purposes. For commercial and corporate purposes, Cat6 are preferred since they are better equipped to erase interruptions and loss of information.

Another major factor that influences the choice is cable is gigabits required.

Cat5 cable bulk can be chosen if your requirement is within 1Gigabits. For higher requirements, Cat5e and Cat6 are suitable. You can consider the use of Cat6 plenum cable if the wires have to be placed in hidden spaces. These cables are required to have two characteristics. Firstly, they must not be easily inflammable and secondly, the cables should not give out toxic fumes if they come into contact with extreme heat. Cat6 plenum cable is meant specifically for this purpose.

Cat3 cables are the oldest cables. The usage of these cables is restricted to VoIP or Voice Over Protocol. This is because these cables do not cater to high speed data transmission. They can cater for up to only 10 megabits per second and 16 MHz is the maximum frequency that they can handle. They are used in installations of telephone system since they are no longer useful for the present high speed computers and internet connections.

Twisted cables are widely used because they reduce electromagnetic interference. In these kinds of cables, two conductors, which are return and forward conductors, are twisted in order to reduce disturbances and interruptions. All the above mentioned varieties of cables are twisted cables. Twisted cables come in two forms – unshielded and shielded cables. These can be chosen based on usage requirement. Shielded PC cables are necessary for outdoor use.

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