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?The Lord will put your enemies in your hands and make them panic until they are destroyed??. Deuteronomy 7:23

God assures the Israelites led by Moses of a smooth journey to the Promised Land, Canaan. In that God explained the blessings that await them if they obeyed his commands.

When you obey God?s law and instruction, he goes ahead to destroy your enemies until they are wiped out. Hammering more on the enemies, anything that hinders your progress in life is an enemy.

Folks believe in the Lord because he has mounted strategies to clampdown operations of your enemies and soon they would be smoked out and destroyed.

Simply, believe in the power of God all day long in order to overcome any obstacles in your life.

Quote: ?Enemies whisper and conspire while God reveal to redeem? Ebenezer Zor

Developing Your Christian Life

  1. Find a believing church to attend
  2. Study the word of God daily
  3. Enjoy the fellowship and workmanship of God
  4. Practise the word of God
  5. Have faith in the word


Everlasting Father, thank you for the breath of life. With this word, I have overcome my enemies in name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.

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